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How to co-ordinate blinds with curtains

You’ve done it. After weeks of finding the perfect paint, perusing wallpaper options and assembling your furniture, you have finally finished decorating. However, there is still one feature you need to focus on – and that’s those bare windows.

Providing a style statement to desolate walls, curtains and blinds offer an inviting display to both your guests and street dwellers, so it’s important you get the look just right. But what does it take to make the ‘perfect pairing’?

To see how to pair blinds and curtains like a pro, read our handy guide, below.

Pick your colours wisely

Grey curtains - Wickham

The first step to any window styling is to dip into your colour box and find the hues that suit your room.

If you are looking to unify your existing colour scheme, for instance, consider matching your blinds and curtains. In this combination, a set of grey curtains pairs beautifully with the texture and design of the Roman blinds. Just make sure your walls don’t match the colour of your curtains exactly; they will blend together too seamlessly, to the point that your window dressing becomes invisible.

If you find matching shades uninspiring, however, play around with complementary tones instead. This involves utilising the opposing colours on the colour wheel, so imagine burnt oranges with crystal blues and deep purples with white-washed yellow. But remember to keep an eye on their vibrancy; colours might ‘complement’ one another, but they shouldn’t take over your room’s entire colour scheme.

TOP TIP: Not sure how to match your curtains and blinds with the rest of your décor? Seek inspiration from feature walls. They will help you tie colour schemes together in a subtle way.


Look out for curtain headers

Making sure your curtain and blinds have the same colour scheme is one thing. Ensuring their look syncs up with the rest of your décor is something else altogether.

If you’re unsure how to begin, you might want to consider how your curtains and blinds are going to hang. Roman shades, for instance, can be bunched in an accordion-style at the top of your window set, which often lends them to more traditional settings. Pull up alongside pinch pleat curtains for a delicate, homely look.

Roller blinds, on the other hand, offer a more modern aesthetic, which means they are best paired with the angular, dramatic look of tab top curtains.

For more on finding the perfect curtains for your space, read our guide here.

Focus on function

blue curtains - menara

Colour combinations on point? Check. Picked your perfect look? Double check. Now, onto the boring but important bit: are they practical for your room?

If you’re styling a living room, for instance, you might favour style over functionality. The curtains and blinds in here will occupy a focal point of your room and will rarely be closed, so thin curtains and prettily patterned blinds will do the job perfectly.

If you’re decorating a bedroom, on the other hand, you might forego a dainty style in favour of a more practical solution. Soft furnishings which aid a good night’s sleep, such as blackout blinds and thick insulated curtains, will be the real winners here.

Luckily, you don’t need to choose between style and practicality at Plumbs. We offer more than 1,000 curtain fabrics in various colours and patterns and we even offer a made to measure blind service, so it’s easy to find your perfect pairing. Which combination will you choose?

Sophie Page
Sophie Page

Sophie is a great granddaughter of the founders of the business - so fabrics and furniture are almost part of her DNA! Her interests include home interiors and upcycling, and her favourite show to watch after work is The Repair Shop. Some of the topics she covers on the Plumbs blog include sofa reupholstery and furniture protection.

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