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5 Winter Colour Trends for Your Home in 2021

The dark nights, the cool mornings, a sudden desire to guzzle hot chocolate… winter is truly knocking on our doors – and, boy, are we excited!

Yes, we could do without the shockingly low temperatures and black ice. But this just means we get to spend more time indoors playing with new colours and textures to craft the ultimate homely nest, ready for hibernating season.

But what are the top winter colour trends for 2021? And how do you introduce them to your space as the winter season emerges? Take a look at our winter colour trends guide, below, to dive into the five palettes you should be considering come December.

1.    Earth tones 

Ascot Tweed, Chalk sofa covers

Hunkering down doesn’t mean neglecting the great outdoors. Rather, this calming winter season colour trend pays homage to the wonderful feats of nature; an ode to the hidden habitats outside as our days grow shorter.

Mossy greens, clay greys, and mushroom browns are the primary features of this colour palette, although pebble-stone greys and morning mauves can easily be infused into this stunning selection, too. For inspiration, take a look at our Amalfi range in Ecru and Notting Hill fabric in Moss – the ultimate earthy tones for your sofa covers and curtains.

Think earth tones are a tad too boring for your living room? They needn’t be. Earth tones are all about structuring beauty from simplicity, and this means you are free to style up or down your colour choices as much as you like. In other words, patterns and a playful spirit are your tickets to a winning earth-inspired colour scheme.

2.    Frosted features 

Biarritz, Wedgwood sofa cover

As we transition from autumn to winter, the emphasis turns from browns, reds and greens underfoot, to the clarity of icy whites and cool blues.

While we might not want to replicate the freezing scenarios that greet us outdoors, these trending living room colours for winter lend themselves more to the enchanting and mesmerising tones of the festive season.

Iridescent greens, icicle blues, and chromatic purples are ideal for lifting dull spaces. (We love our Strata fabric in violet for this kind of winter colour scheme.) Plus, when you add a few reflective centrepieces in a dimly lit room, your frosted winter colours will positively bounce from the walls, not to mention serving up some serious ambience!

3.    Sleepy hues 

With the days shorter and nights seemingly darker than ever, winter is a great opportunity for sleep lovers to optimise their living space for more soporific means. And this goes beyond the bedroom – sleepy hues are due to be big news for winter living rooms, too.

We’re talking chalky tones like dusky yellows reminiscent of daybreak, peachy pinks denoting those few remaining garden flowers, and soft, steely colours sending you off into slumber. Just take a look at the tranquil tones of our Savannah range in Heather and Mist for just two examples of how you can make these colours a staple of your home décor.

Still not sure which sleepy hues you should choose? Just think ‘baby’. Baby products, like blankets and baby grows, are often in optimal peaceful hues that are designed to send your little one snoozing. If it works for sending a crying newborn to the land of nod, it can certainly work for you, too!

4.    Fireside favourites

Winter is all about cosying up. Whether that involves throwing on a big duffel coat, doubling up the duvets, or pottering around the house in your favourite onesie, warmth is well and truly a good friend to have as we hit the big freeze.

To counteract the chilly temperature outside, this balmy winter colour trend focuses on the fiery elements we’re all keen to sit around (candles don’t always cut it!). Fabrics in hues like burnt orange, captivating terracotta, and light-grey charcoal introduce light and vivacity to cold spaces, while their dense and deep tones deliver a richness to surroundings.

5.    Essential oil inspiration

Yes, the winter months are replete with wonderful sights of Christmas, warming fires, and eye-catching icicles. But how about smells?

You might not think it at first, but essential oils have a calming effect not only by their smell, but their associative colours, too. As such, a major colour palette to focus on this winter season are tones like lovely lavenders, light and bright clary sage, and fresh (but not cold) peppermint. If in doubt, just think aromatherapy and tranquillity with this living room colour trend, or browse our Martello range in Thyme and Ascot Tweed in Lavender to get the colour scheme spot on.

Want to find out more about which winter colours you need for your living room this season? Head over to the Plumbs fabrics page where you will find more than 800 fabrics available to upgrade your sofas, curtains, and footstools in time for winter.

Sophie Page
Sophie Page

Sophie is a great granddaughter of the founders of the business - so fabrics and furniture are almost part of her DNA! Her interests include home interiors and upcycling, and her favourite show to watch after work is The Repair Shop. Some of the topics she covers on the Plumbs blog include sofa reupholstery and furniture protection.

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