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Living room style ideas to follow in 2019

Where last year saw the rise of pastels and modular living spaces, 2019 has its own ideas about décor.

Merging the beauty of minimalism with boho motifs and funky florals, this time it’s about putting a twist on the styles of yesteryear.

To see how you can incorporate the latest living room trends into your home this year, read on.

The return of velvet

Fashionable Velvet Sofa

Loved for its distinctive two-tone fabric and soft feel, velvet is the latest go-to for interior designers looking to make a style statement. The soft, neat pile creates a luxurious aesthetic while adding practicality.

Soft colour tones blended with combinations of trendy apple and millennial pinks are sure to be a hot match for 2019. Mix and match colours with your curtains, sofas and footstools for a space that’s fit for royalty.

Bohemian vibes

Bohemian Living Room Décor With Hardwood Floors

While minimalism might be all the rage on Instagram, “out-there” patterns are the design du jour of 2019. Seriously though, what better way to inject character and warmth into your living room than with zig-zags, zany stripes and fat splats of kaleidoscopic paint?

Experiment with sunshine yellow scatter cushions, funky striped armchair covers, and curtains in shimmery metallic tones to bring it all together. Layer up with colourful throws, plush back rests, and eye-catching motifs.

The 90/10 trend

Bold Blue Armchair In White Living Room Decor

One of the simpler living room design trends in our list, the so-called “90/10” design focuses on creating a minimal and chic aesthetic.

Named for its partisan pigments (90 per cent white and 10 per cent colour), this look allows you to be as bold as you like with your colour choices – and all without worrying about overwhelming the senses.

Lay your foundation with bright white blinds, cream-toned couches and translucent coffee tables. Then, you have creative license to throw the colour wheel at your armchairs, footstools and rugs. Beautiful!

Floral everything

Floral Fabric On Sofa Cushions

Traditional and timeless, floral patterns rarely fall out of favour with designers.

For 2019, it’s about embodying the first day of spring. Think about bundling vibrant begonias across side tables, introducing botanical patterns to artwork and adding “over-the-top” floral fabrics to plain décors.

Wingback sofas decked in perky floral patterns naturally complement plain walls and minimalist spaces. You can then throw in dynamic colours, such as blacks and mulberries, to balance out the neutral tones.

The super 70s

70s -style Sofa And Armchair

It was an era which danced to the beat of its own drum, so it’s no wonder then that the “disco decade” is featuring everywhere in 2019.

From the catwalk to the living room, the 70s theme is all about self-expression and showing off creative flair. So, think warm palettes, bold patterns and symbolic statement pieces.

Drag this look into the 21st century by mixing burnt orange striped cushions with tan sofas and mahogany hardwood floors. Add pops of red and yellow across rugs and curtains to add light overtones.

Now you're ready to incorporate the latest decorating ideas into your home, the next step is to find your favourite fabrics. For some of the best, browse more than 800 curtains, sofa covers and reupholstery fabrics on the Plumbs website.

Sophie Page
Sophie Page

Sophie is a great granddaughter of the founders of the business - so fabrics and furniture are almost part of her DNA! Her interests include home interiors and upcycling, and her favourite show to watch after work is The Repair Shop. Some of the topics she covers on the Plumbs blog include sofa reupholstery and furniture protection.

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