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Keep your Winter Blues!

If pretty pinks and feminine florals aren’t your thing, then why not give your home an alternative Spring makeover?  There are many other beautiful palettes that can bring a brand new look to your home this coming season, and one of my favourites is on-trend Navy!

That’s right; the blues don’t have to be confined to Winter!  In fact, fellow design blogger Carole King recently posted some great ways to use Navy in the home on her blog Dear Designer.  She contrasts the rich hue of navy with stark white for a great, dramatic effect.

If the bold colour is a little dark for your home this Spring, you could break up the Navy with creams and golds for a warm, luxurious bedroom, or a light, inviting living room, as seen from Laura Ashley and Fired Earth.

So what’s the verdict?  Are we liking Navy blue for Spring?


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Get Your Home Ready For Spring

Give a whole new meaning to 'Spring Cleaning' this season with a fresh Spring make-over for your home. With light, warmer days and beautiful blooms sprouting at every turn, Spring is the ideal time for bringing a fresh new look to your home!  Pastels are a must for Spring with soft greens and pinks featuring heavily in this season's shop window displays.  For extra zest, break up the subtle palette with vibrant shades of pink.  Don't forget, Spring is all about pretty florals, so embrace them to the full with floral fabrics and wall art!  And with Easter around the corner, it can't hurt to throw in the odd endearing bunny rabbit for good measure!

That in mind, we've put together some of the best buys for Spring home decor available this season...

1. Colour Scheme inspired by Pantone colours:  Orchid Pink(13-2010 TXC), Pink U and Seafoam Green (12-0313 TXC).

2. Thomas Kent Willow Arabaic Mantle Clock -

3. Embroidered Rosa Pink Canvases – Next

4. Reupholstery in Timeless Chenille fabric - Plumbs Reupholstery

5. Crackle Ball Floor Lamp - Very

6. Rita Rabbit Door Stop - Marks & Spencer

7. Lily Flame Daisy Dip Candle in a Tin – John Lewis

8. Made-to-measure Curtains in Orchids fabric - Plumbs Curtains


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Show your Stripes

Once upon a time stripes in the home would automatically point to a nautical or seaside theme.  And while there’s nothing wrong with this ever-popular design trend, it just seems so limiting of a great, versatile pattern.

Today, stripes are making a come back, and not just in beachside bathrooms!  There are so many ways you can use stripes in your home décor.  So scour the shops for inspiration and show your stripes in your home!

Stripes for Drama and Impact

Dark, rich colours are always a winner for adding drama to a room.  When used together in stripes, the heavy lines can become a real show-stopper.  You could opt for chunky stripes as shown on our Italian Stripe design, or even thin stripes can provide maximum impact when combined with a metallic colour scheme and dramatic features.

Stripes for Subtle Elegance

If you prefer a calmer atmosphere, you could choose a subtler stripe.  Offering a little more texture than plain designs, subtle stripes can often be found in two tonal and complementary colours.  Contrasting with a vibrant colour will add depth to a room, or complementing with similar neutral shades will keep your home atmosphere relaxed.

Stripes with florals

For a feminine feel, you can even mix stripes with floral patterns.  The contrasting designs can bring interest to a room.  Remember to opt for co-ordinating colours to retain a sense of unity with your décor.


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Have you turned your heating off yet?

With the sun shining through the office window today and the first signs of Spring slowly emerging from the Winter gloom, I’m itching to turn my heating off and lower those pesky energy bills.  How many of you feel the same?

The transitional period of Spring can often be a gamble with crisp, cool mornings turning into warm afternoons and nights retaining a mild chill.  It can be difficult to know how much heating you’ll need.  It could be time to look into alternative methods of keeping your home the right temperature and say goodbye to rising energy bills.

Try the curtain method! When the weather is a little milder one of the best courses of action is to turn off the radiators and reap the benefits of lined curtains.  Lined curtains are proven to reduce the amount of heat loss in your home by preventing warm air escaping and cool air getting in through your windows.

Not only are they great for heat control, you could kill two birds with one stone and refresh your home for the Spring.  Fresh, vibrant florals are popular this season, with modern and traditional designs available.  Look for soft, pastel palettes like greens and pinks for a typically feminine feel.  Or consider yellows and greys for more neutral appeal.

For added style and further protection from the cooler nights, you could even include blinds with your curtains.  The extra layer can really add depth and drama to your windows, especially when using co-ordinated fabrics.

So do your purse strings a favour and flick off the heating! Your home will be left prepared for Spring, looking fresh and your bills will be much kinder!  Click here to browse our curtain fabrics.


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