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Trend Alert: Gothic Interiors!

Now is the perfect time of year to embrace your dark side, and what better way than exploring the dramatic impact that Gothic Interior Design can have on your home.  Traditionally an architectural style dating back to the 12th Century, Gothic design was all about high pointed arches, stained glass windows and rich, dark woods.  Today, Modern Gothic has been making a come back, creating dramatic and awe-inspiring interiors in the home.

Gothic Colour Palettes

As with all design trends there are no hard and fast rules, and Gothic design can be interpreted in a number of different ways, starting with the overall colour palette.  Rich, jewel-like tones work well for creating a dramatic, sumptuous atmosphere; a look I find particularly effective for bathrooms.

[caption id="attachment_2011" align="aligncenter" width="550" caption="Image sourced from Victorian Plumbing"][/caption]

Although dark colours are essential to the Gothic trend, they don’t always have to be overpowering.  See how black and white work together with metallic notes here to create this dramatic yet minimalist Gothic dining room.

[caption id="attachment_2014" align="aligncenter" width="550" caption="Image sourced from Interior Holic"][/caption]

Gothic Furnishings

Modern Gothic Interior Design is all about extravagance and drama, so choose your furnishings accordingly.  Large, exaggerated furniture and luxurious fabrics are perfect for this style.  Velvet and chenille fabrics can be used for the darker more sumptuous Gothic styles.  Or choose soft sheer material for a more ghostly, nostalgic feel.

[caption id="attachment_2015" align="aligncenter" width="550" caption="Chair Re-upholstered in Chelsea Velvet - Eggplant. "][/caption]

Gothic Accessories

With naturally darker palettes you may need to find other ways to bring light to your Gothic themed rooms. With extravagance in mind why not opt for a large ornate mirror to reflect the light around.  Alternatively, choose elaborate lighting where possible; chandeliers are ideal for this trend.  Finally, candles are a must for producing an atmospheric glow in your Gothic room; choose tall candles so the wax can run down in eerie patterns!

[caption id="attachment_2016" align="aligncenter" width="550" caption="Mirror available from Dunelm Mill. Chandelier available from Debenhams."][/caption]


Here's our take on the Gothic trends: Rich - jewel like tones, elaborate accessories, dramatic lighting and luxurious fabrics!

[caption id="attachment_2017" align="aligncenter" width="550" caption="Sofa Re-upholstered in Italian Stripe - Aubergine/Green."][/caption]


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Loose Covers for an Instant Seasonal Update

For me a change in season always has me itching for a fresh new look in the home.  I like chunky blankets and warming tones in winter, and fresh zesty florals in the summer months.  One easy and effective way to get an instant seasonal update in the home is to choose loose furniture covers!  It's a great idea to have an extra set of covers for your sofa or suite, making it easy to change the whole look and feel of your home!

Let's see it in action.  Here we have the same sofa and chair with beautiful sofa covers for a different look all through the year...


Here we are at the most spectacular time of the year for colour inspiration!  The world is awash with stunning, rich and warm tones and I cannot wait to bring them into my home.  These loose covers would be my number one choice! Introducing the strong green and orange hues here gives this look a lovely warm feel.  Remember that you can swap and change your accessories to suit the season too; why not add a cosy blanket and an interesting footstool for putting your feet up on cool autumn evenings!


When the days are cold and short, I like nothing more than curling up on my sofa, so to be surrounded by beautiful fabrics is a must!  I tend to lean toward darker shades to give a cosier feel to the home.  I love the wintry feel created by this aquamarine and snow combination.  A great look for a winter wonderland!


As the weather warms up I often like to invite fresh, light colours into the home to bring some vibrancy and life after the winter period.  Pinks and greens are a popular choice and a classic floral like this is the perfect way to reflect the blossoming world outside!


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Unique Ideas for an Empty Fireplace

In thought, curling up next to a roaring open fire is the idyllic setting for cool autumnal evenings.  But, as I have learned from experience, sometimes it can all seem a bit much like hard work.  The last thing I want when I'm feeling a chill is to be on my hands and knees sweeping up last night's ashes and having the inevitable debate as to whose turn it is to refill the coal shuttle!

So, with central heating merely a switch away, I'm warming to the idea of making better (hassle free) use of my fireplace.  Here are a few of my favourite finds...


The same romantic effect with none of the fuss!  Filling your hearth with candles is a quick and easy way to maintain that cosy glow.  Choose a variety of shapes and sizes to give different levels and create a stunning focal point.


Why not make use of the extra space and tranform your fireplace into pretty storage shelves.  You could have great fun making this a real feature in the room.  Try backing the shelves with interesting paper.


Bring your empty hearth to life with a beautiful arrangement of flowers.  You could place a vase inside with a beautiful bouquet of seasonal blooms, or why not use the firebasket itself packed with artificial flowers.  Either way, the greenery will bring a fresh look to any neglected fireplace.


For a quirky centrepiece to your room why not transform your fireplace into a unique bookshelf! Whether adding shelves as before, or simply stacking the books as we see here, this is bound to create a real talking point in your living room!  Depending on the look of your books you could create a very colourful display or a rustic feel with more traditional looking, leather spines.


Ok so you may not be burning them in the open fire, but what's to stop you creating that country feel with a display of logs!  Stack logs of different cuts and widths to create an interesting feature.  You could even line the mantle piece and hearth with tealights and small candles (but not too close!) for a wamring glow.

Do you have an unusual fireplace?  We'd love to hear about it!


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Mix and Match Fabrics for Stunning Reupholstery!

I am handing the floor over to you today to see what you make of our latest project?  We've reupholstered this stunning occasional chair in carefully co-ordinating fabrics that could give homes a real wow factor!

For me this is ideal!  I like furniture to make a statement but all too often I find myself not daring enough to opt for eye cathcing fabrics like this Chenille Velvet Stripe.  This latest project would allow me to showcase a modest plain fabric (in a stunning attention grabbing colour I might add!), as well as showing off my personality with the more daring design!  I think this look gives great definition and interest to furniture.  What are your thoughts?


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