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What You Really Get From Recovering Your Sofa!

Recovering your sofa, chair or suite is a happy alternative to buying new, and when you buy new covers, you're getting a lot more than just a new look.  Recovered furniture has so much to offer, so let's explore exactly what you get for your money...

Unique furniture

When our furniture stops giving us the comfort and 'wow' that we originally fell in love with, it can be all too easy for us to replace it with a newer model.  But with more and more furniture being mass produced, how will your new suite ever feel as special and unique to you and your home?  The choice in recovering furniture allows you to really stamp your mark on your furniture, with a fabric and style that fits in perfectly with your home and reflects your personality. Sofa covers offer you a chance to make your loved furniture something very special and individual to you.

Remember, we have over 600 fabric designs and colours to choose from!

Fresher for Longer

One of my favourite things about recovered furniture is the ability to simply take the covers off, pop them in the wash and refit them for a fresh 'out of the showroom' look time and time again. Give your new suite a year and it may look just as tired as the old one you replaced if you're unable to remove and rewash the covers.

The majority of Plumbs fabrics are fully washable!

The Furniture You Love

There will be a reason why you chose your current sofa in the first place.  It may be an interesting style or be just the right shape for your living room.  Often furniture is also handed down through families and takes on a special sentimental value.  Recovering your furniture allows you to keep its best qualities whilst making it look like new.  This really is a priceless benefit!

I am often asked about the cost of recovering furniture. The answer is, it's difficult to say.   Everybody's furniture can be so unique, and your tastes and choices will naturally differ.  Therefore, we offer a comprehensive in-home service, FREE of charge to make sure you get a bespoke price and the best deals for your furniture. I can tell you that at various times of the year you can order made to measure 2 seater sofa covers from just £199! Our offers do vary so be aware that these details can change. For a list of our current offers, click here.

Remember, we also give you a completely FREE no-obligation home service, where one of our trusted consultants will visit you to show you our stunning range of fabrics and discuss your needs.  I cannot stress enough that this is a no-obligation service, with absolutely no sales pressure.  If you do decide to order your consultant will see you through the entire process, even returning to fit your new covers when they're delivered.

Why not give it a try - remember it's your free chance to view all of our fabrics in your own home and find out more about your recovering and reupholstery options.  Click here to request your free home visit.


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Predicted Home Interior Trends 2013

I look once again today to the color pioneers at Pantone to get a sneak peek of what this year will have to offer in the way of homes and interiors.  According to Pantone View home and interiors 2013, there are 9 exciting colour schemes that we can expect to see coming into our homes this year.  Let's take a look...


This palette brings a fresh, up to date edge to old world elegance.  A selection of soft, pastel colours like Pink Nectar and Beechnut Green mingle with warmer hues of Liquid Pink and Deep Mahogany to bring this balanced look together.  Offset against a neutral backdrop of Champagne Beige, this sophisticated palette is sure to be a popular choice.


This palette draws on the glamourous era of Art Deco.  It's mixture of bold tones like Rio Red and Monaco Blue, with the sparkle of Silver and Moon Mist make this an exciting palette that you can really have fun with.  Choose a neutral base and add accents of striking colour, or be daring with a leading shade like Jasper Teal to make a real statement in your home.

New Old School

With a combination of colours often found in banners and flags, this palette even has touch of the collegiate about it.  This preppy look would be ideal for quirky living rooms or an interesting study with fun shades like Ribbon Red and Nautical Blue.  Microchip Grey and Gargoyle will provide a solid, grounded base.

Rugged Individuals

Inspired by cowboy culture, this comforting palette combines Vintage Indigo, Stonewash and Raw Sienna.  This look would blend perfectly with weathered woods and polished leather for a lived in, welcoming home.


This palette draws on the culinary to bring together spicy and fresh shades.  The result... a delicious mixture of Apple Cinnamon and Spiced Coral, with somewhat unexpected accents of Green Banana.  Perhaps the perfect look for the kitchen this year!


This vibrant palette has a wonderful tribal feel with revitalising blends of Peacock Blue and Pink Flambe.  Last year's hailed colour of the year Tangerine Tango also makes an appearance in this energising colour scheme.  A look that is sure to awaken the senses!


There's an almost magical quality to this palette.  The earthy tones of Cobblestone and Shitake are given and unexpected and welcome lift with Foxglove, a delightful and luxurious hue.  This is my personal favourite for an enchanting and inviting living room.

Surface Treatments

From earth to sea now, this calming range of colours evoke images of the ocean with vibrant Maui Blue.  The addition of Tornado Grey gives the look a turbulent quality, a refreshing change to the usual blue-green combinations of marine inspired looks.

Out of the Ordinary

As the name suggests, this palette brings together a range of unexpected and exciting colours.  A touch of the carnival is created with Golden Rod and Bright Violet.  This colour range could give a home great personality, and a wonderful whimsical feel.

So 2013 is shaping up to be an exciting year of unexpected colour combinations and looks that can really show off your personality.  Bear these colour schemes in mind the next time your looking to redecorate.  Remember, if you already have neutral decor, you could create any one of these looks easily with a set of new loose furniture covers or curtains and a few new accessories to add those exciting pops of colour! 

Which look will you be choosing this year?


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Rejuvenate Your Home in 2013 with Pantone's Colour of the Year

To kick start the year I'm exploring the potential of Pantone's 2013 Colour of the Year.  The global authority on colour announced last month that they would be waving farewell to the fiery enegy of Tangerine Tango and embracing Emerald as their colour of choice for 2013.

Formally known as Pantone 17-5641, this vivid green is said to "enhance our sense of well-being by inspiring insight and promoting  balance and harmony", according to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.  Emerald green has long been symbolic of new life and regeneration in many cultures around the world, so what better colour to help bring new life to your home interiors!

Like the gemstones themselves, Emerald is a beautiful, luxurious hue.  You can really bring a sense of sophistication and a splash of fun to your living room with an Emerald inspired feature wall.  Keep sofa covers neutral so as not to overpower your room.  Whites and charcoal greys complement the look beautifully.


Image Sourced from Elle Decor

For a more subtle update,  you can choose Emerald accessories against a white backdrop.  This will give your new finds real stand out! Frames, mirrors, clocks, cushions and throws are just some of the items you can use to bring this on trend colour into your home.


Image sourced from Rachellabelle Interiors



However you decide to embrace the 2013 Colour of the Year, may it live up to its symbolism and bring you a sense of well being and prosperity throughout the year and beyond!




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