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There's never been a better time...

In just the last couple of weeks two articles have been extolling the virtues of loose covers as a credit crunch busting way to imrpove the look of your home environment.

 The January 2009 Country Living runs a great article 'Recycled Chic' on page 27. The essence of the feature is about finding and restoring interesting furniture tracked down through charity shops or ebay.

You may not need to trawl through ebay looking for 'elegant upholstered pieces simply in need of new covers' as Country Living journalist Caroline Reeves suggests. Take a look at what's already in the family. Now picture that interesting old couch transformed with a new fabric outer and looking just like new. How would it look in your living room. It's worth considering.

 Good Housekeeping January 2009 edition number 1 tip on page 66 - "Expert updates on a credit crunch budget" is....yes you've guessed it...."Give your threadbare sofa a new incarnation by shielding the shabbiness with removable washable loose covers."

Who am I to argue with Good Housekeeping journalist Samantha Trapp.

Best wishes one and all for a very Happy Christmas and remember, if it's all starting to look a bit tired and worn in the new year, just follow the advice of the home magasine experts and consider loose covers or reupholstery to breathe new life into the look of your home.


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If you want to "Make do and Mend", Plumbs can help!

Most people over the age of 50, which makes up the majority of the 'Air Raid' or 'Baby Boom' generations, will remember the mantra "make do and mend". This term, meaning "manage with whatever is available", was first coined on a World War II propaganda slogan to try and encourage people to conserve materials by restoring items rather than replacing them.

We are obviously not going through such hardships now but this message is still as relevant today as it was 60 years ago. With predicated falls in inflation, interest rates being cut and the budgeted 2.5% drop in VAT, money is still tight and we need to think carefully about our spending habits.

Plumbs understand this mantra more than most as it's what our business was built on. Going back 45 years or even just 20 years, disposable cheap furniture was practically unheard of. If you wanted to give your old sofa a new look or repair any damage, the cheapest alternative to buying new was to either re-cover or re-upholster your suite.

There has been a number of campaigners trying to educate people into changing their habits and come away from the throw away generation we have found ourselves becoming. One such campaigner, Barbara Warmsley, Oxfam's Green Granny has started using the internet to try and spread the "make do and mend" message by producing a series of videos of tips and ideas for saving money and living better.

Here is the first one:

Remember "make do and mend", don't just throw away and buy new!


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Plumbs Charity Cycle-ride

The following employees from Plumbs:

Phil Livesey, Carl Beesley, Mick Delaney, Phil Rowbotham, Gary Hayworth, Bob Jones, Allen Millom, Richard Gatley, Chris Plumb, Allan Frank, Mark Kay, Rob Page & Arthur Diamond

Whose aim it is to complete the Coast to Coast bike ride over 3 days, and to raise £7500 for the Rosemere Cancer Foundation. Sadly our work colleague and friend Carol Livesey passed away this year and this inspired Rob Page to organise this fund raising event.

The ride is going to take place over the 29th, 30th April and the 1st May 2009.

Please contribute to our fund raising efforts, and follow our progress on this Blog from training through to the thigh burning ride.

Our brand new Justgiving fundraising page is live and waiting for donations at

Thanks in advance for your support.


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Quick Tips: Arranging your furniture can save you money

Have you ever thought that something as simple as arranging your furniture in a different way could help save you money. Well here it is, like most households in the UK, people often arrange their living room around their TV's. The obvious affect of this is the TV is most probably always on.

Just by simply re-arranging your furniture so that the focal point will encourage conversation, such as positioning sofas and chairs around a table or facing each other rather than pointing at the TV.

Not only will his save you money in the long term by not always having the TV on but it can also create a healthier family environment.


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