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Archive for March 2009

New Plumbs showroom on the Isle of Wight

A warm welcome awaits you at Plumbs brand new showroom on the Isle of Wight.
For residents and visitors this is a great opportunity to see the full Plumbs range of fabrics and options.

Whether it's reupholstery, loose covers or the latest looks for curtains, you'll find it all in Plumbs Newport showroom.


Please come and see us soon.

26 Holyrood Street
Isle of Wight
PO30 5AZ
United Kingdom

Telephone : 01983 752972
Email :


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Create a focal point in any room

When you walk into a room or interior space, you'll feel more comfortable if your eye can rest on a main feature. That main feature is called the "focal point" of the room.

If your room has a beautiful picture window looking out to a lovely garden, that's it. If you have a fireplace, large or small, that will be the focal point in that room.

Sometimes a room has no distinguishing feature built in and you have to create one. Some ideas of focal points that you can add to a room are; large cabinet, oriental or patterned rug, dramatic mirror, fabric panel.


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Update your home for Spring

With the housing market crawling to a halt and Spring just around the corner, people are looking for cheap ways update their tired decor and give it a brand new twist.

There is a great article here:

Give tired decor a modern twist

From the Hexham Courant, there're some really good ideas on how to do this. Take a look!


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Sad day for sofas

Every year many sofas get thrown into landfills or left on the streets to rot, this is because no-one really knows what can be done; this is where Save Our Sofas come in.

Save Our Sofas gives you advice and ideas of ways to keep your old sofa, giving it a new lease of life, or provide environmentally friendly ways for disposal if it is beyond repair.

Plumbs, along with Save Our Sofas believe every sofa deserves a long life in a good home.


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