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Archive for November 2010

Plumbs go Spotty for Children In Need

Last Friday Plumbs managed to raise a fantastic £421.86 for Children In Need. This year’s theme was ‘Show Your Spots’ and everyone showed their support by wearing spots to work on Friday. We even managed to find a spotty sofa in the factory providing the perfect photo opportunity!

Children In Need

Particular congratulations must also go to all of the canteen staff who raised £184.46 through the sale of cakes, Pudsey and Blush ‘ears’ (as featured in the picture) and spotty wristbands too. What a lot of cakes they must have baked!


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A Plumbs Tale

This must be one of our best customer stories:

A Plumbs Tale

Once upon a time on a dark wintry night a fairy princess in the guise of Plumbs consultant Jan Bone came to sprinkle some fairy dust on a tired old suite. She worked her magic with samples of every colour and finally with a flourish produced the cardinal rouge velvet. Yes please! Cried the owner and off Jan went in her four wheeled vehicle.

Soon prince Alan arrived with his trusty tape measure and then he too disappeared sending measurements across the land.

Many a long month went by as plasterers and painters prepared the room ready for the arrival of the red velvet and Plumbs were asked to wait" just a little while longer" so that everything could be right for the occasion. And then the day arrived, and so did Jan Bone carrying her wondrous boxes of covers.

With a flick and a pull the old suite was transformed into something magical - a suite to be proud of - a blaze of colour and just as comfortable as it had always been. And the moral of the story? " always judge a suite by it's Plumbs cover"

Mrs. Bevan - Portsmouth


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Katie, the new 'Royal' fabric from Plumbs

Plumbs are celebrating the royal news with the launch of Katie, a new fabric which is being released today.

‘Diana’, Plumbs last ‘Royal’ fabric, was launched by Plumbs at the engagement of Diana and Charles 29 years ago. Who would have guessed at the dramatic story that would unfold. Their marriage was an amazing journey of highs and lows.

‘Diana’ the fabric however was one long high. It turned out to be Plumbs best ever selling fabric. We were selling more Diana Chintz fabric at one point during the eighties than all our other fabrics added together. While Diana was everywhere in the newspapers, so Diana fabric was everywhere in the living rooms of Great Britain.

Now after years of ‘practising’ as Prince Charles called it yesterday, Prince William and Kate Middleton have finally announced their engagement. Plumbs are proud to launch ‘Katie’ – a contemporary, hardwearing, beautiful and totally easy-care design.

The highlight of the day was Camilla who expressed her delight with the news with the well thought out phrase ‘wicked!’

To find out more about Katie, contact Plumbs or call 0800 019 05 05


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New Floral Serenade Collection - Exciting New Decra Fabrics Launched

Here at Plumbs we want to ensure that there is something in our collection for everyone. So as well as introducing two fantastic cotton fabric ranges recently (read about them here), we have now launched our new Floral Serenade Collection. This upmarket collection is made up of Decra fabrics, so not only is it a great value for money option and ensures fantastic fitting covers, but it was put together with our customers in mind as it includes fabric features that we have received many requests for.

This new collection even includes Plumbs first ever stripey fabrics, allowing you to create stunning curtains and covers, but there is also a variety of abstract designs, plains, florals and even some darker background patterns in there too. This collection was launched last Monday and so far customers have been particularly stunned with the feel of the fabrics, some never guessing that they were made from a ‘stretch’ material at all!

With plenty of practice putting together new collections over the years, we really know what we need to do to make choosing fabrics as easy for our customers as possible. This book is laid out with all the co-ordinating fabrics together so you can easily see the plains, semi-plains and patterned materials that look great together. Add into this the photography we have included in the book showing just what can be achieved with beautiful, easy-care fabrics. The photography also helps to make it even easier for our customers to picture what their furniture will look like after its makeover.

To see this new collection in your home, you simply need to request a free, no-obligation visit from one of our home consultants.


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