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Holidays are comin'...and yet again, another cheap sofa ad!

There are many things we associate with the build up to Christmas.  First come the dazzling shop windows, next the office party invites, perhaps even the odd jingle bells may start to be heard.  For me it’s the adverts on TV!  Every year Coca-Cola does not fail to insight festive spirit when their iconic advert plays out during an episode of Coronation Street, for example!

Another clear sign that Christmas is coming is the abundance of commercials advertising the benefits of buying a new sofa.  This time of year we are inundated with suggestions of buying a new sofa just in time for Christmas.  But is buying new our only option to true comfort this festive season?

Of course not!  Consider this.  You’ve shopped around for the perfect sofa or suite to fit your home.  It’s the right size, the right shape, the right style.  Over time the fabric has become worn or your taste has altered.  It happens!  No problem.  Before throwing your much loved furniture on the tip and going through the whole process again, you may be interested to know of a much better, hassle-free way of transforming your furniture.

Loose Covers can be tailor made in any fabric, colour and design of your choice.  You get to keep all of the benefits of your current furniture and can change the whole look and feel. You can even restore and repair any areas of your furniture with reupholstery – so it’s like having a brand new sofa!  Below are a couple of before and after transformations to whet your appetite.

So before you’re convinced to discard your furniture and buy new this Christmas, it could be worth considering all of your options.  You can click here to find out more information of how Plumbs can transform your furniture with Loose Covers, or click here for reupholstery.


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Decor is for life not just for Christmas!

Every year we are wowed by the newest Christmas displays, the trendiest colour schemes and the most eclectic mix of decorations to choose from.  But why should this fun occasion with it's mix of traditional and continually daring palettes, be reserved for only once a year?

Simple.  It shouldn't.  So Plumbs have been trawling the shops for Christmas decorations which can inspire a year round look in your home.  We've scoured the top high street shops and found four great seasonal decorations which got our creative juices flowing.

Red/White schemes -  one of the most famous colour schemes for Christmas.  Think Christmas stockings and candy canes.  See how we've taken inspiration from Marks and Spenser's red and white snowflakes to create this stunning, romantic room set.

Gold/Silver/White - an elegant classic for Christmas, this colour scheme works well all year round to create a sophisticated, rich look to any room.  We've used this novel bauble wreath from BHS as inspiration for our luxurious living room.

Blue/White - A popular alternative to the warmth of reds and golds, this icy palette is great for a winter wonderland as well as a cool and calm feel to your room.  We looked at these Blue and White Baubles from for inspiration here.

Purple, Green and Blue - Emerging over the last couple of years in all major department stores and high street shops, this new fun colour scheme is great for adding colour to your home throughout the year.  We love these purple and green baubles from John Lewis and came up with a vibrant room set as a result.

So, when you're decorating your tree this year, keep in mind the many possibilities that the festive season could hold for your future decorating.  For more inspirational ideas, visit our fabric range here.


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Choosing your colour Schemes with Feng Shui

When it comes to decorating a new room, the first thing that a lot of us may consider is the colour scheme.  But where to start?  With so many shades available on the market today it can be difficult to make a decision that's right for you.

We could turn to the ancient art and Science of Feng Shui.  Developed over 3000 years ago, the Chinese concept of Feng Shui is suggested to bring good fortune, improve health and strengthen relationships.  In the current climate, we could all do with a little boost of well-being.  So let’s get started!

The direction of your room will determine the colours that would be best for you.  Using a compass, stand in the centre of your house and find the direction of your room (from the centre).  Now see below for the colour scheme that would best suit your room:

My room is North

Reds are a great colour for these rooms.

My room is North West

Blues, Purples and Reds are good here.

My room is North East

Pinks, Reds and Whites work well in this direction

My room is  South

Black and Dark Tones work best here

My room is South West

Blacks, Blues and Greens are all suitable for this direction

My room is South East

White, Grey and Black are perfect here

My room is West

Blues and Greens are good in this direction

My room is East

White and Pastel colours will go well here

Why not click here and view our fabric range by colour for more inspiration.


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Fit for a queen: our New Royal Collection fabrics

Like the majority of the population, this year's Royal Wedding sent Plumbs into a spin of delight.  We’ve enjoyed every minute of it, taking any opportunity to commemorate the biggest event of the year.

Since we held our Royal competition in Spring, we have been working on bringing out a commemorative range of fabrics to remember and reflect the beauty of that special day.

And now they’re here!  Roll out the red carpet and make way for our beautiful new Royal Collection.  These co-ordinating designs consist of a semi-plain, floral, mini leaf design and stripe. It’s amazing how many different looks you can create by simply mixing and matching the fabrics.  The Royal Collection is available in 3 colourways: Ruby, Pink and Soft Gold.  We’ve also included a cream semi-plain to help bring the looks together.

Click Here to see more of the Plumbs range.


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