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A New Clock to Watch at Midnight!

With all eyes on Big Ben tonight, I got to thinking about the poor clock in my own home: an uninspiring, generic face ticking and tocking with little enthusiasm.  New Year's Resolution number one: upgrade the kitchen clock!  Gone are the days of a clock being a mere time telling tool - today the clock is an essential decorative item that can really show off your personality and taste.   But with a whole host of exciting and quirky designs out there, where do you start?  I've had a look at to find out!

Table Clock

The easiest decision to make is whether you need a wall clock or one to sit on a desk, table or mantel.  Table clocks may seem less convenient but don't discard the idea.  There are a beautiful selection of table clocks around, particularly these handmade glass designs.

Italian Design

If sophisticated style is more what you're looking for, take a look at this selection of beautiful Italian designs.  These wonderful creations come in all shapes and sizes and look great as a real focal point on your wall!

Novelty Clocks

For a bit of fun why not go for one of these fun designs.  Full of comic charm, these clocks are bound to make you smile every minute of the day!  I particularly like the mixture of old and new with this shadowed effect cuckoo clock.

Glass Wall Clocks

This stunning range of glass wall clocks are great for adding a touch of artistic glamour to your walls.  Often smaller in size, these more discreet clocks are ideal for hallways, bedrooms and kitchens.

With so much choice I may even choose one for each room!  So, as my poor old kitchen clock ticks away the final hours of 2011, I hope to have left you with inspiration to make a real statement in your homes!  Check back in the New Year for more inspiring design products.


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Did they get it right? A look back at 2011's design trend predictions

At the Beginning of the year, Linda Barker, interior designer and the team at channel 4 homes both voiced their predictions for what would be hot in home décor for 2011.  A year on, Plumbs looks back to see how accurate their predictions were:

C4 Homes predicted that 2011 would be the year of colour, and that meant bright colour! Strong greens, pops of cerise and flashes of orange.  Throughout 2011 shops were adorned with multi coloured bathroom accessories, bright orange clocks, and a whole rainbow of paints and wallpapers.  Plumbs Verdict: accurate trend prediction.

On the opposite side, Linda Barker’s hot favourite for 2011 was grey:  to be termed ‘the new neutral’.  Out with the beige and in with the charcoal!    This year seems to have be governed by the new look monochrome, adopting grey and cream as a warmer alternative to the traditional black and white.  Plumbs Verdict: accurate trend prediction.

For C4 Homes, 2011 was going to be all about the big, bold florals.  And with top designers such as Sanderson continuing to produce beautiful modern takes on the floral design, it’s no wonder that the lavish look has found its way into our homes in the past year.  Plumbs Verdict: accurate trend prediction.

Linda Barker swore by a more feminine approach to the floral in her prediction that 2011 would see the revival of vintage.  Restoration of beautiful furniture was to be a top priority for home décor enthusiasts.  At Plumbs, we can more than vouch for the latter and agree that an emphasis on vintage chic has been apparent throughout 2011.  Plumbs verdict: accurate trend prediction.

It was off to the beach for C4 Homes in 2011 as they predicted a rise in all things seaside!  This year has seen shells, driftwood and seaside stripes making their way from our bathrooms to our living rooms. Plumbs Verdict: accurate trend prediction.

Finally, Linda Barker favoured a more industrial design with metallics being her colours of choice for 2011, primarily bronze and gold as opposed to the more classic chrome and silver.  Plumbs Verdict: accurate trend prediction.

So it would seem that 2011 trend predictions were a success.  As we eagerly await the experts’ opinions on 2012 design trends, tell us what you think.  What would you like to see in 2012?


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A Very Merry Christmas from all of us at Plumbs!

After long anticipation, frantic gift wrapping and the last supermarket dash for sprouts, the big day is finally upon us!  We at Plumbs would like to wish all of our customers and friends a very Merry Christmas.  May you all have a relaxing and enjoyable festive period and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!


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DIY tips for a Glowing Christmas Centrepiece

With the tree up and the presents wrapped there's only one more thing to worry about: Christmas Dinner!  Or more to the point, how the table will look!  In my home there's barely room left on the table for fancy decoration so I always try to find something small and easy for my Christmas table centrepiece.  A great solution is often right under your nose.  Candles!  Your home is bound to be alight with candles at this time of the year so why not utilize them to the maximum and use them to bring a warm, festive glow to your table!

Candles are so versatile when used for decoration.  Have a look at these quick and easy DIY tips for creating stunning, inexpensive pieces for your table.

Cinnamon Candles

Bring the sweet scent of Christmas spice to your table with these Cinnamon Candles.  These create a warm, country style feel to your table.  And they're so easy to make too!  Simply place the cinnamon stick around a pillar candle and hold in place with an elastic band.  Warm up in the microwave until wax is melted and sticks are securely in place.  Decorate as desired, with foliage, ribbons and bells.

Tapers and Bauble Vase
For a more modern, chic look check out this simple yet elegant display.  The beauty of this is that you can choose any colour candle and bauble combination to match your Christmas decor.  Half fill a number of interesting vases with glass nuggets and arrange tapers as desired.  Fill with baubles and wrap vase with coordinating ribbon.  Arrange as desired.

One for the Kids

Santa has visited your Christmas table this year with this fun display that's equally fun to make.  Arrange a few small, decorated boxes on a cake stand around 3 various sized pillar candles.  Wrap colourful paper and tags around the candles.  For further fun, add small treats to the boxes that can be opened between courses.

No matter how much space you have to play with on your Christmas table, there are many DIY ideas to create decorations of all shapes, sizes and styles.  Have fun in finding one that works for you and let us know how you get on!

Ideas sourced from inspirational ideas.


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