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Before/After Transformation that won't Break the Bank!

When cash flow is at a lull it can sometimes feel like you’re stuck with the same old décor in your home.  But you don’t need to spend a fortune to make a quick and easy difference to a room.

As I was nosing around the Plumbs archives this morning (my first port of call for home décor inspiration), I stumbled across this great kitchen transformation.

Sometimes all it takes for a fresh new look, is a nice new fabric and a couple of colourful trinkets – hardly a break the bank exercise!

This roller blind, made in Deck Chair Stripe - Rouge fabric, gives this kitchen a whole new feel.  The red and white stripes promote the perfect colour scheme for this quaint country kitchen.  Accented with red features and colourful flowers, these simple changes have really helped to bring the room to life.

Remember, you don’t have to go to great lengths in giving your home a complete makeover.  Often you can give your room a great new look and feel simply by adding an accent colour, or introducing various textures and textiles.  Give it a go – you’ll be surprised with the results!


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4 Essential Habits for a Tidy Home!

Wouldn’t it be great if your living room looked like this?  No clutter, no mess.  Well, at the beginning of January, it sort of did.  The tree had come down and everything was put back in its place.  Three weeks into the New Year, and my home is back to its usual weekday mess.

But, with the start of the year being the perfect time to adopt new habits, here are a few that I will be trying out to keep my home looking ship-shape throughout 2012!

1) A Place to call home

If there is a place for everything, and everything has its place, then surely you can’t go wrong.  Give all of your items their own special place and ensure they get put back there! Simple!

2) Decorative Storage

For toys, blankets and other nic-nacs that get left lying around, choose decorative storage boxes.  These need not be an eye soar.  Opt for boxes that will match your décor, or better still, disguise your storage areas as coffee tables.  This is easy when using chests or ottomans.

3) Rack ‘em up

My guilty pleasure is home magazines and consequently these will often find themselves abandoned in a pile next to the sofa or strewn along the sideboard.  A simple option is to invest in a magazine rack (or even recycle those you’ve definitely finished with.)  For a more creative approach, stack in an unused fireplace for a quirky storage solution.

4) Regular upkeep

If you get into the habit of vacuuming and cleaning one or twice a week, you will inevitably tidy up and put things away.

Failing these simple steps, it may be an idea to consider minimalist décor.  The less stuff you have, the less mess they will create!


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Join the celebration of Chinese New Year with Oriental Home Design

Happy New Year…again!  As China sets to welcome the Year of the Dragon today, be inspired by the Orient in your own home.  Carrying on our theme of the feature wall from last week, there are an abundance of great designs which can really give that relaxed, Eastern feel to your home.  We’ve opted for a simple trailing floral design with subtle leaves, paired with a modern red and black palette.  Turin - Claret is a great, plain fabric choice to compliment the look.

For that wow factor you could be a little more daring and opt for a vibrant pink and soft yellow colour scheme.  We’ve used our very own Elana - Lipstick fabric to create these striking curtains.  Accessorise with exotic orchids and simple straight-lined furniture.  Adding a few Oriental design ornaments, such as the lantern featured will bring the whole mood together.


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Make a Statement with Feature Wallpaper!

We all like our homes to say a little something about us.  Whether it’s modern and classic, feminine chic or loud and bold.  Well what better way than plastering it all over the walls for all to see!  That’s right, with stunning statement wallpapers.

Now I know that painting’s much easier; I know it’s less messy and I know there is nothing more frustrating than 2 ends of paper sticking together with paste.  But, with a boom in beautiful wallpaper designs, it’s difficult to resist.

If the feminine touch is what you’re looking for, try one of these stunning florals.  For a classic, soft approach look at Nina Campbell’s Barrington design (£54 per roll), or choose Duchessa design by Graham & Brown (£25 per roll) for a bolder splash of colour.

For a more gender neutral floral, you could try a large design such as Graham and Brown’s Traviata (£25 per roll), or opt for more unisex colours such as red and white with their Elinor design (£25 per roll).

If florals simply aren’t your style, why not use stripes to enhance your living space.  A pretty candy stripe effect such as Nina Campbell’s Bicton wallpaper (£47 per roll) is full of fun.  Graham & Brown offer their Figaro design (£25 per roll) as a subtler alternative.

Be bold and display you love for retro with these cool geometric patterns.  Go for monochrome chic with Graham & Brown's Mika (£18 per roll), or create a cool, cosy backdrop to your study with Chameleon by Osborne & Little (£84 per roll).

However you plan to wow your house guests, remember there is a whole wealth of designs and styles you can choose from, to suit your personality and style.  Go on, be daring and make a real statement with your décor!


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