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Tis the Season to Give your Home a Wintry Look!

Whether you’re nestled in the countryside or right in the middle of the city, your home is sure to see a rise in visitors over the coming season. Friends and family will soon be making the rounds to wish you good tidings and you’ll find yourself retreating indoors as the weather cools.

Ensure you have a beautiful and inviting home with some of my top tips for preparing for winter…



Inspired by Pantone Colours Silver Grey, Ivory Cream & Jet Black


    1. Octavia, Parchment - Made-to-Measure Curtains - Plumbs
    2. Branch Candelabra - John Lewis
    3. Silver Love Wall Art - Very
    4. Luxury Ravello, Rich Cream - Reupholstery by Plumbs
    5. Faux Fur Sheepskin Black Rug - Quality Rugs Online

Now is the perfect time to invest in some good quality, lined curtains! With curtains drawn for longer, it’s nice to pick a design that adds interest to your room. Plus, lined curtains will help reduce energy loss and keep your room warm!

For me, winter is all about curling up in mounds of cushions and soft luxurious fabrics! Velvets and Chenilles really come into their own this time of year offering a beautiful feel. This Luxury Ravello fabric even gives a beautifully subtle sheen!

Black and Gold are a great contrast for creating a luxurious look. Adding silver metallic accessories will help to lighten the overall palette. The branch candelabra is a great touch for a wintry feel!


Inspired by Pantone colours Mosaic Blue, Purple Magic & Steel Grey

    1. Silver Tree Stem Floor Lamp - Coach House
    2. Chelsea Velvet, Teal - Reupholstery by Plumbs
    3. Cottonwood Leaf Metallic Wallpaper - Laura Ashley
    4. Mini Glass Lantern Two Tone Purple - Home Home Home
    5. Plum Pudding Collection Lady Figurine - Dunelm Mill
    6. Astoria Mirror Console Table - John Lewis
    7. Spider Purple Rug - Rugs Centre

Rich Teals and Purples can be a contemporary alternative this season. Use alongside a neutral palette of white and silver for a balanced look.

You could opt for an eye catching occasional chair in a stunning colour like this Chelsea Velvet – Teal; or choose a large, plush plum rug to accentuate your seating area.

Again, metallic accessories can be so effective this time of year. You could even add to your wintry wonderland with twig designs for your wallpaper and furniture. This is a popular trend at the moment so there are plenty of great finds around!


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How to Make Your Furniture Unique with Reupholstery

Every now and then we can become tired with our furniture. Staring at the same old design can become tedious, or it may even have seen better days. But fear not! There is an easy way for you to revive your sofa or suite by becoming your very own furniture designer!

Reupholstery allows you to take the reins and turn your furniture into something truly unique for you and your home. I've compiled a list of just some of the ways you can individualise your furniture with reupholstery.


The quickest way to give your furniture a unique look is by choosing a brand new fabric that is right for you. It's amazing the difference a fresh new colour and new design can make to your sofa.

If you currently have plain, modest fabrics why not opt for a radical burst of colour for a dramatic transformation. Or if you're simply looking to refresh your suite, choose a similar design that you know will fit with the rest of your room. Sometimes just a new take on a traditional design can be all your furniture needs to look fresh and new!

There is so much choice when it comes to fabric design so be creative and have fun with it! Remember you can mix and match fabrics, so you could choose a bold design for your feature sofa with a more subtle fabric for your chairs. Or if you're looking for something with real 'wow' why not opt for a different fabric for your seat cushions and a co-ordinating fabric for the base!

Remember, at Plumbs we have over 600 fabric options and colourways to choose from so you can find the perfect look for your home!


If you want a completely new look, reupholstery can help by maintaining (or taking away) features like button backs or piping. Button backs can give furniture a grand, luxury feel especially when combined with a luxurious fabric such as a chenille or velvet. Similarly you could change the entire look and feel of your button backed sofa by simply reupholstering over this feature to give a smooth, modern finish.

Adding piping to your furniture can give a subtle change when using the same fabric as your furniture, adding definition to the shape. For an original look you could even consider contrast piping, using a completely different colour to the main fabric. This can look particularly effective on occasional furniture.

Furniture can be given a new look and feel simply by changing or adding castors or feet. You may be surprised to discover the variety of shapes and sizes that are available out there, and the different effects they can have on your furniture.   Knowing what styles to choose can be a minefield so get to know your options and how they can add to your current furniture.
For example, if you have a traditional piece but are looking to add a modern edge, try to find angular, metallic feet which can give a great contrast, or look for bun feet, which are a chunkier design. Combining modern and traditional elements is a popular way to renew your furniture and bring it up to date whilst being respectful of its traditional qualities.


Not only are furniture feet a great way of individualising your favourite sofa or chair, they also have a number of more practical plus points! Since feet come in all different sizes, you could alter the height of your furniture, making it more comfortable for your specific needs. Adjustable feet are a great way to combat uneven floors and a good advantage of opting for castors is that furniture can become easier to move around. So if you prefer to pull your favourite armchair a little closer to the fire, you can do so with ease.

Although we don't supply furniture feet, our re-upholsterers are more than happy to add your own new feet or castors whilst working on your furniture.


With a choice of fabrics, features and feet options there are almost endless combinations that can be created with reupholstery, resulting in truly unique furniture that is exactly how you want it!

Remember, Plumbs offer free no-obligation advice and a chance to browse through our fabric range in your own home. So next time you're fed up with your furniture, why not take a look at how we could help you give it a unique make over!


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An Instant Make Over with Made to Measure Dining Chair Covers

Sometimes the thought of redecorating can seem all a bit much like hard work, especially this close to the festive season!  But this time of year, more than ever your dining room in particular could benefit from a quick sprucing up!  And what easier way to do it than choosing a brand new set of dining chair covers!  You'd be amazed at what a difference they could make to your room!

Loose Covers are an easy and effective way to transform any room, and the dining room is no exception.  Take a look at just some of the ways you could create an instant new look with  these made to measure dining chair covers.

Co-ordinating your textiles can bring a whole room together.  We chose to combine the subtle tones of Elegant Rose - Soft Green & Cream, with Curtains in Strata - Sauterne & Francesca - Gold Blind.

A classic floral design is the perfect partner for a traditional dining room.  Opt for plain walls and simple decor to offset busier patterns like this Tamana - Blue/Cream from Crowson.

Rich, luxurious fabrics like this Mandalay - Rich Terracotta help to add a sense of occassion to your dining room.  Remember, loose dining chair covers don't need to be permanent.  You could simply use them to transform your room for special guests!

Even simple plain fabrics can make a huge difference to your dining room.  You can even play around with the skirt options to transform the shape of your chairs.  We've chosen a half skirt to show off the beautiful wood.

Your dining chair covers need not be all the same fabric.  We had great fun mixing and matching these fabrics together.  The plain Hampstead - Fucushia helps to break up the striking stripes.

What's your favourite dining room style?


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