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Waste not Want not: Where to Buy Unloved Furniture!

A third alternative to the popular struggle of  'buying new or making do' when your furniture is concerned can be answered simply! Do both!  If you want a change from your sofa, chair or suite but have had enough of your current style, there's still a choice besides having to buy brand new.  Why not consider  taking in unloved, second hand furniture and really putting your stamp on it with re-upholstery or loose covers in the fabric of your choice?!  Great compromise right?

So where do you find these furniture treasures I hear you ask?  My port of call is always online - there are a wealth of brilliant websites where you can really pick up a bargin.  Consider auction sites like ebay or private listings like Preloved.  You could even visit a recycling site where second hand goods are literally given away for better use in a new home!  Look at freecycle and recycle to find unloved furniture in your area that could really benefit from loose covers or re-upholstery.


Another great resource you could consider is your local newspaper.  You can find lots of unwanted suites or sofas in the classified ads section of your paper.  Some supermarkets may even have a notice board of similar posts.  And finally, never forget about the good old fashioned second-hand store!  There's bound to be one near you that may just have what you're looking for.


Wherever you decide to find your perfect sofa, remember the one golden rule:

Don't be put off by even the ugliest of sofas.  With loose covers or re-upholstery you could completely transform it! Click here to find out more about how Plumbs loose covers and re-upholstery can make old, unloved furniture beautiful again!


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Top 5 Home Office Designs

When the weather is beautiful outside, the last thing you want to do is be stuck in a dull and dreary office. So now could be a great time to revamp your work space at home and be inspired throughout your day! Have a look at our top 5 designs for something that will suit you and your home...


The simplicity of Scandinavian design lends itself well to a home office for the easily distracted worker.  A collection of bare essentials and one or two nic-nacs mixed with a simple, yet bold colour scheme creates a simple space in which to concentrate on the job at hand!

For a feminine touch, opt for a pastel colour scheme and incorporate pretty patterns and co-ordinating textiles for a calming atmosphere.  Soften office essentials by making your own pin boards with nice fabric and choosing patterned storage boxes.

Utilise your loft space and make a quiet, cosy retreat.  Exposed wood and simple textiles will give a rustic feel.  The only downside - the kettle is likely to be 2 floors down so you may find you minimise your tea breaks!

Bring the outdoors in and be inspired by nature.  Surround yourself with plant life and position your desk with a good view of your garden.  Better yet, convert your garden shed for an office away from home, at home!

Don't despair if you've limited space to work with.  There are so many office space solutions available to you, like a simple cupboard office.  The beauty of this look is that you can fit it into your living room and close the door on your work when you're done!

With these in mind, we better get back to work!  Keep checking back for more great home design ideas!


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Room Staging: Showing your Home's Full Potential

A popular means of showing your home to its greatest potential, room or house staging is often used when trying to sell a home.  But there’s no reason that you couldn’t use the techniques to make the best use of your home space for yourself.

When thinking about your living room for example, the following room staging tips can appeal to potential buyers or help to create a calm, spacious environment to entertain friends and spend time with your family.

Tip 1. – Make it Social

Arranging furniture to face each other or creating social clusters will encourage conversation and make for great entertainment space.

Tip 2. Create Space

Even in the smallest of living rooms, you can create an illusion of space by simply arranging your furniture appropriately.  The key is to ensure there is a clear path around the room for you to easily manoeuvre around your furniture.

Tip 3.  Neutral doesn’t have to be boring

Another way of creating a spacious effect is to keep your palette light and neutral.  Particularly appealing to potential buyers, a neutral palette will allow them to see your home as a blank canvas for them to put their mark on.  For you however, neutral doesn’t have to be boring – choose a bold accent colour to suit your personality and use sparingly for maximum effect.

Tip 4.  Re-cover worn furniture

A quick and easy way to spruce up your furniture is to opt for sofa covers.  A new fabric can instantly freshen your room.  Click here to find out more about Plumbs sofa covers.

Tip 5. Focus on interesting architecture

Forget the TV as a focal point and make a feature out of interesting architecture or a fireplace.  Arrange your furniture around the feature to emphasise and create a talking point!


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Bring the Outdoors In with Nature Inspired Home Decor

The natural world makes for a beautiful home for so much wildlife, so why don’t we take a leaf out of nature’s book (no pun intended!) and bring a bit of the outdoors into our homes this Spring? One of the best sources of design inspiration, nature can offer up beautiful rich, earthy palettes, interesting textures and quirky decorative ideas. Come – explore the elements with me!

Natural Wood

Whether you opt for real wood floors, solid oak furniture or something a little bit different, like this log wood coffee table, using real wood in the home brings instant outdoors appeal.

Plants and Decorative Twigs

Like wood, introducing living plants around your home is a great way to pay homage to the great outdoors.

If green isn't your colour, why not choose colourful flowers for a bold accent or choose decorative twigs for a cooler feel.

Earthy Palette

If natural materials don’t suit your style, you can still take inspiration from nature and adopt a rich, earthy palette. You could opt for fresh, luscious greens or dark, moody browns to create your interior oasis. Combining the two contrasting shades can also give a nice effect.

Remember, you don’t have to go bold with your colour palette – why not opt for subtler shades of green and brown for an understated look.

Nature Inspired Patterns

When all else fails, you can always cheat and bring nature into your home with printed patterns. Florals are a classic with varying designs giving both traditional and modern feels.

Another popular print at the moment are birds; take for example, Sanderson’s new Swallows design.

However you choose to decorate this Spring, don’t forget to be inspired by all that is around you. Failing that, keep an eye on the Plumbs blog for more design tips and ideas!


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