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Archive for September 2012

Are Leaves the New Florals?

We all love to bring a little of the outdoors into our homes, which is why floral designs have long been popular in soft furnishings and interior design.  With each passing year the world’s designers bring us fresh new takes on the floral trend, with recent years focussing on big, bold and beautiful flowers!

This year however, more and more often I am seeing simple, leaf designs.  Top names, such as Sanderson are looking at the cleaner lines of leaves to create simple yet striking designs for the home.  So with Autumn just around the corner, and the beauty of leaves taking precedence this season, what better time to celebrate the wonderful possibilities of foliage in your home…

The simplicity of the leaf alongside the stark contrast of colour gives this design a modern, abstract feel.  Inspired by the paintings of Henri Matisse, Sanderson have created an exciting design, perfect for a feature wall in the home.

The botanical approach is also increasing popular this year, with the fresh green and white palette being an ideal choice for kitchens, conservatories and garden rooms.

You can choose a warmer colour scheme for a more autumnal feel.  Remember, as with floral designs, you can mix and match your leaf patterns to cement your theme.


Discover our own collection of Autumn inspired fabric designs.  I love these different takes on the leaf design - which is your favourite?


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Soft Velvet Fabrics from Ross

The latest instalment in our Featured Fabric supplier series looks today at Ross Fabrics, and in particular their beautiful velvets. Ross are one of the leading suppliers of upholstery fabrics in the UK, and have almost 80 years experience in the fabric industry!  Their collection includes chenilles, weaves and velvets in both traditional and contemporary designs and colourways.

At this time of year velvets can be incredibly inviting.  There's nothing I'd like more this week than to be snuggled up in the reassuring folds of my sofa, so my ideal fabric would have to be soft to touch, smooth and comfortable.  Velvet it is then!  But as well as the sensory benefits of these smoother fabrics, velvets can also add a touch of grandeur and sophistication to our furniture.

Bijoux Crushed Velvet is a popular Ross fabric here at Plumbs!  With a subtle sheen this fabric oozes luxury and gives an elegant feel.  Plus, it's shimmering quality can keep furniture sparkling all year round.  You could choose a neutral colourway and simply change your curtains for a new look for Autumn-Winter, and another for Spring-Summer.


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Two Very Different Looks for Autumn!

Autumn is one of the best times of year for home style inspiration.  With the natural world undergoing spectacular transformations and the weather experiencing dramatic change on a daily basis, there are many different ways we can interpret the season.

The typical autumnal colours of burnt orange and fiery reds can give homes an instant glow.  Break up the amber hues with warm neutral bases of creams and browns.

1) Premier Zeus Orange Glass Floor Lamp - Inspire My Home
2) Loose Chairs covers in Katie - Autumn Fabric - Plumbs
3) Glass Mosaic Tealights - Next
4) Evening Fern Metal Wall Art - Very
5) Rattan Storage Trunk - John Lewis

For a more earthy approach, choose a black and brown scheme with accents of rust or olive. Remember to extend the theme with your finishing touches. I love this windswept tree as a focal point above a fire place, even if it is designed for the garden!

6) Matisse Leaf Wallpaper - Charcoal - Sanderson
7) Windswept Tree Wall Art - UK Garden Products
8.) Cubes Coffee Table - Argos
9) Scatter Cushions in Oracle & Octavia - Parchment Fabrics - Plumbs

Which Autumnal Colours Do You Prefer?


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Co-ordinating with Cushions

The importance of cushions is so often overlooked, when in fact they can be an intergral part to the whole outlook of your room. They are an easy way to add colour, texture and interest to your furniture, and are particularly effective in more neutral rooms.  It's amazing how a carefully selected set of cushions can bring life and a whole different mood to your living room.  This sofa is a prime example!

See how much life has been injected into this room with a few co-ordinating cushions and accessories!

Even just a couple of cushions at the edge of your sofa can make a huge difference and help to bring your whole colour scheme together.  Cushions can be key to breaking up solid blocks of colour, and bringing energy to more neutral tones.

And it's not just plainer fabrics that can benefit.  Choosing cushions that can coordinate with patterned furniture can also add a touch of interest and in some cases increase the grandeur of your sofa!

Finally, remember that cushions don't always have to be confined to the sofa.  Decorate bare window sills with an array of cushions.  Choosing various sizes and shapes can be effective but ensure that you keep to one colour scheme, and match your curtains to bring the look together.

How do you like to decorate with cushions?


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