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Dark doesn’t have to be dull

When deciding what look and feel we want in our homes choosing a colour palette we like enough to last longer than a few weeks can be a difficult task.

As space is at such a premium today, we tend to choose light colours in fear of making our rooms seem smaller.  However, bold and dark colours can add warmth and mood to a room without making it feel gloomy.

In the past purple is a colour people would normally associate more with bedrooms, however dusky mauves and intense aubergines can also look very sophisticated in the living room.  The key to this look is about balancing different shades of purple and also using reddish pinks so it doesn’t become too overpowering.  Key pieces such as flower arrangements, artwork and patterned scatter cushions help to add interest and texture. Lindow in Abergine from Clarke & Clarke (which is shown below reupholstered on a sofa by Plumbs) is the perfect way to add a splash of purple in your home, and can be matched with a range of textures and colours.

Plumbs Reupholstery


This look below is about deep and intense shades of blue that are balanced with grey and white.  When thinking of accessories choose objects to contrast the matt walls such as mirrors, gleaming pewter, glass, and flowers to add femininity to the look. Think carefully about how much light a particular room gets before going too dark, as lighter shades can be just as effective.

Choosing Navy Blue for living room furniture can be practical as well as stylish.  These Loose Covers in Elegant Mini – Navy Blue will help to hide imperfections but can also be easily removed and washed.  To soften the look, add neutral scatter cushions.

Plumbs Loose Covers

If you would like advice on incorporating a deep colour palette in your home contact Plumbs today for a FREE No Obligation Quote.


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Plumbs on Location

A lot of hard work and planning goes into every Plumbs photo shoot, whether that be in the studio, or out on location, so we thought we’d give you a behind the scenes look as we shoot our Botanical Garden fabric at a beautiful stately home.

Built in 1856 and set in 51 acres, Chester, Hinderton Hall is a grade 11 listed family home and the perfect setting for a Plumbs photo shoot.

Hinderton Hall

Our Stylist, Photographer and Product Marketing Manager went along on the day to shoot 3 of our fabrics against this beautiful backdrop.

Photographer Tony Morgan explains the creative process behind the shoot:

“The Hinderton Hall shoot provided various photographical challenges due to the diverse nature of the building.  A combination of natural and artificial light sources enhanced the different textures and design of the fabrics, whilst creating a pleasing aesthetic atmosphere.”


Plumbs photo shoot

Jenny Stirzaker our stylist explains her inspiration for the shoot:

“The powder mint walls act as a fresh and delicate backdrop to the pretty Botanical Garden design.  Inspiration is taken from the deep pink of the Chrysanthemum flower in the form of scatters, with ivory cream added to freshen the look.

Rich gold silk curtains draped with opulent rope tie-backs add a sophisticated edge and complement the intricate beading on the walls.”

Plumbs Reupholstery

The finished image!  This Botanical Garden fabric in Soft Blue looks beautiful especially now all the elements have been pulled together.  The spectrum of pinks used and the contrasting stripes scatters helps add a sense of unity to the look.  The cream and gold brings out the colours of the flowers in the fabric and ties the whole look together.

To recreate this feminine look in your home Contact Plumbs today, and we can talk you through all the different co-ordination options available.


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Go Green with Envy

As the days get shorter and nights colder, we begin to look for ways to keep warm and cosy, whether using soft fabrics or warm comforting colours.   Our brand new ‘Luciano’ fabric shown below in bold Citrus in reupholstery, is perfect for the colder months as it has a soft velvet- feel.  This sumptuous statement fabric has been matched with a co-ordinating plain velvet - feel ‘Ricco’ cushion and footstool.  To accessorize this look team with rich grey textured walls, and metallic accents.  Keep flooring and rugs neutral to really let this fabric stand out.

Plumbs Reupholstery

If you prefer more muted tones we offer other colourways such as ‘Mink’ or ‘Pebble’ that are beautiful when mixed with bold coloured accents and textures.  Autumnal colours such as burnt oranges and browns will match perfectly with these neutral tones to add depth and warmth to your home

Or if you would like to take inspiration from bright berries on wreaths and turning leaves outside why not choose deep ‘Crimson’ and accessorize with vivid Gold cushions, sumptuous throws and soft lighting for a sophisticated look.

Our Autumn range includes a number of contemporaray and traditional style fabrics.  To see a full range, contact Plumbs today for a FREE Home Consultation.  Your Home consultant will help you choose the perfect fabric for your piece of furniture, and we will even take it away for you and return it looking as good as the day you bought it!




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3 Rules for Autumn Décor


Autumn is a beautiful season.  Frosted autumn leaves crunching underfoot, the heady scent of real fires, blazing berry wreaths on doors and the brisk yet clear skies. Traditionally, its harvest time, time for us to gather produce and retreat to our nests, to make them cosy and welcoming for the oncoming winter.  Warm colours and patterns appeal more and more, and we fill our homes with thick blankets, flame coloured accessories and deep, soft rugs.

Loose Covers

Orange is a popular autumn hue for many reasons; it reflects the golden trees and reminds us of breath-taking sun sets.  October, heralding earlier twilights and later dawns, brings with it a certain sluggishness, likely a hangover from the days when humans would retreat to caves for winter.  Orange and other spicy reds have been shown to make people feel warmer, more energetic, and happier, as the skies become greyer and the weather colder. You can bring a little warmth and magic into your life with this Enchanted Garden fabric, a beautiful one for loose covers in Autumn. Paired with titian accessories, it combines muted warmth with a brighter cream base colour.

Autumn Blankets

Food is one useful way to keep warm in winter; butternut squash and ginger soup, roasted apples, delicious cinnamon hot chocolate. A real or electric fire is good; as are candles, which do produce a slight warmth, as well as romanticising an atmosphere. Soft furnishings are another great way to keep warm; soft blankets – preferably in spicy autumn hues – can be draped over sofas as though they were throws, or piled in a basket, ready to be wrapped around cold legs. Bear in mind though, that a basket of fleecy, warm fabric is an open invitation to any canine or particularly feline friends, who will claim the nest as theirs!


One of the lovely things about Autumn is the abundance of produce available, for both food and crafts. Apples ripen, pumpkins grow, and squashes develop their full bodied sweetness. Berries turn juicy and red, conkers fall, fresh scented pinecones drop, ready for crafts and decoration. Wreaths are a popular decoration, made from leaves, feathers, or (as pictured) berry sprigs. Artificial materials are also used, for example felt and garlanded wire. Pinecone crafts are also popular; the cone can be split, painted, or left whole and used in bunting, centrepieces, or just placed in a decorative bowl so you can benefit from their fragrance and simple beauty.

If you want to spice up your home for Autumn, contact Plumbs today for a free, no obligation home visit, or else browse our vast selection of re-upholstery fabrics for a new look today!




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