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When it comes to home decor, think - lighting, lighting, lighting!

If location, location, location is the motto of estate agents. You could say an interior designers slogan would be lighting, lighting, lighting but is also usually the most overlooked aspect when a person comes to re-decorating. Many of the most successful hotels and restaurants you will notice have got lighting down to a fine art by creating a welcoming atmosphere.

So before you begin planning a restoration, building a new home or just up-dating your current decor. Remember when it comes to lighting you can never have too many light sources.

Decor that is well designed and thought-out will utilise all three types of lighting:

  • General Lighting - this illuminates an entire space.
  • Task Lighting - bright lights used to focus lights on a particular area for tasks such as reading, writing or cooking.
  • Accent Lighting - used to spotlight decorative objects and create mood.

Walk into many thousands of homes across the UK and you will find one light fitting in the centre of the room and not much else. Just by the addition of extra lighting a room can feel warmer and more inviting, with strategically place spotlights you can direct the light to various areas to help with certain tasks.

The ability to transform a room just by adding different types of lighting is amazing. Up-lights, which are canned lights that sit on the floor, are wonderful items to use in corners, especially with large plants. They shine the light up onto the walls and ceiling creating a warm glow to an otherwise dark corner. Small rooms will seem larger with the installation of recessed ceiling can lights or wall washers, which will shine the light down onto the peripheral walls. Hallways and entranceways are sometimes dark; brighten them by adding canned light, track lights or picture lights.

If you need to get some inspiration or just simple ideas why not Visit high-end restaurants, hotels or bars and you’ll see the incredible difference lighting can make – and duplicating those effects can be simpler and less expensive than you think. The reward is a lighting atmosphere in your rooms that will be warm, unique and very inviting.


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New Guest Author - Helen Silver, Property Stylist

helen-silver.jpgWe would like to welcome Helen Silver as out newest Guest Author, who will be contributing to our Article directory. Helen is a Property Stylist based in Bath, her business "The Property Styling Company", has had great success stemming from Helen’s innovative style and award winning reputation.

Being passionate about beautiful interior design is reflected in the finishing touches of Helen’s portfolio of client properties from all over the UK.

Helen has written an article about how to feel at home after moving house with some great tips and advice, please read it here:

Got the New House Blues? Your new place doesn’t quite feel like “home”?


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