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Are you sitting comfortably...? Top 5 Reading Nook Ideas

There’s nothing better than curling up with a hot cup of tea and a good book.  But reading needn’t be confined to the end of the sofa.
Many of us will have our own special place where we like to escape and unwind, whether it’s in front of the window with the sun streaming through, or curled up next to the fire on a blustery afternoon.

Be inspired by these cosy reading nooks and see if you can create a hideaway just for you!

The Window Reading Nook

The perfect source for natural light and a good view out between chapters, a window reading nook can be created in any room of the house.

Under the Stairs Reading Nook

For a cosy, confined space, add cushions and a spotlight under the stairs.

Corner of the Room Reading Nooks

Be creative with spare corners in your living room or study.  Build a raised platform and decorate with cushions and throws, or opt for an elaborate piece of furniture for a luxurious feel!

The Attic Reading Nook

If your loft space isn’t quite big enough to convert into a room, consider creating a secluded hideaway.

The Kids Reading Nook

Even the kids can enjoy a special place to relax, and looking at this design you may be tempted to join them!

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