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Blaze of Glory: A Guide to the Post-Modern Fireplace

In times of gloomy weather and January blues, there’s nothing better than popping your feet up in front of the fire!  I love the idea of our open coal fire – but in reality it’s dirty, it back-fires and there’s the endless argument of whose turn it is to go outside and fill up the coal bucket.

So I say it’s about time we look for a cleaner alternative!  I’ve been scouring the web for the ideal fireplace which is up-to-minute designer chic, with a nod to the rustic!  And, I think I’ve some…

Wall Designs

Wall mounted fireplaces can become a piece of art with these stunning designs!  Stylish and out of the way, these are perfect for homes with limited floor space.

There are unique and artistic surround designs…

or something a little more nostalgic, with a modern twist.

Stand Alone

A stylish take on the traditional log burner – the stand alone design is great for making a cosy focal point in your home.

Choose from safe elegant designs ….

…or a more daring colourful option

Hanging Design

A quirky concept – these original designs look stunning in both larger and smaller spaces.

Create a social hub around the base…

or position alone for maximum design impact.

Despite these inspiring designs, I’m afraid I’m still swayed by the traditional.  Guess it’s time to get shovelling that coal! Check back next week for more winter warming designs.

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