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How Well Do You Know Your TV Sofas? Find Out By Taking The Quiz!

Producing a hit television show is about more than just casting a bunch of great actors to read from a knock-out script. What’s equally important is creating a set and building a unique surrounding that will make a lasting, memorable impression on the viewer. This includes everything from how a mirror should hang, how many chairs are placed around a kitchen table, and of course, the strategic placement of the all important centre of the home – the sofa!

Did you know that, in the Will and Grace apartment, set designers were so committed to creating authenticity that the pieces of mail that sat on the coffee table would be addressed to the characters who lived in that apartment!? It’s a prime example of how crucial set design can be to the making, and success, of a TV sitcom – and the sofa, of course, is no exception.

We spend hours on our sofas, watching people on TV, sat on their sofa. It’s perhaps the most loved, and iconic piece of furniture on the box – chat shows, sitcoms, and drama series’, they all have them. So just how many would you be able to recognise?

TV-lovers – take our quiz to spot which TV programme these famous sofas (and admitedly, a few chairs) are from! 


Joanna Whitworth

Home Decor enthustiast and employee of Plumbs Loose Covers and Reupholstery.

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