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Interior Design Features: Low Vs High Ceilings

It's amazing the things that make a huge impact on our homes: the decor, the colour scheme, the layout.  But would you believe that the height of your ceiling is a also major contributing factor to the overall atmosphere of your living space?!  Both low and high ceilings come with their own pros and cons, and each need to be treated accordingly.

High Ceilings

Most commonly found in period homes, a high ceiling with it's natural air ventilation was essential to ensuring the smooth running and comfot of the home.  But today this can often go against us, with higher ceilings making it more costly to keep the room warm.  On the plus side, a high ceiling allows more opportunity for natural light to filter in, creating an airy and bright living room.

Higher ceilings are also making an appearance in more modern home designs, particularly with the recent popular conversions of old church buildings.  The extravagant ceilings are often maintained giving a grandiose and open feel to these homes.

Similarly, homes and apartments with a mezzanine layer are also making artistic use of high ceilings and creating a more open feel to the space.

Low Ceilings

Not only is it cheaper to heat the room with a low ceiling, it is also cheaper to construct and is commonly found in apartment complexes and more affordable housing estates.  The key to decorating with low ceilings is to choose a neutral, even white palette for the walls and ceiling, making use of lower light levels.

A low ceiling can also add great character to cottage and country style homes with the use of exposed beams.  Although sometimes a little claustrophobic, a lower ceiling can make a room feel warm and cost!


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Personalise your home with Co-ordinating Fabrics

It can often be difficult to pin-point exactly how you want your living space to look.  And with the living rooms of today being a versatile hub of activity, it's hard to know how to best decorate for all occasions.  When the family is together and their is that wonderful bustle of life, you may want your living room to be alive with vibrancy and colour.  On the other hand, on a quiet Sunday afternoon you may want nothing more than to curl up with a good book and feel quietly peaceful surrounded by soft, delicate textiles.

Have you ever considered trying to merge both?  Mixing and matching your living room textiles and colours could give you the best of both worlds.  A little bit of everything you love could go wonderfully together to create a personlised look in your home.  Plus, different fabrics will add texture and depth to your room.

When choosing fabrics, remember to try to use complementing colours and designs.   We've teamed our beautiful Belinda - Raspberry with the delicate floral design of Chrysanthemum.  The rich, raspberry colour picks out the pink hues of the flowers, bringing them to life.


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Creating a Softer Bathroom

Today Guest Blogger Steph from Bathshop321 shows us how we can use fabrics to bring colour and personality into our bathrooms.

The household bathroom is one of those ‘vital’ rooms in our homes . It provides us with a place to relax, unwind and spend a little ‘me time’ washing away the stress of a long day. Whilst the regular bathroom will consist of a toilet, sink and shower/bath you can spruce up your bathroom so much more with a hint of fabric here and there, to not only personalise but soften the appearance of what can often be a rather generically decorated room.

Choosing the Right Colours

As with any decoration, it is always best to consider your colour scheme and theme before committing to buying a new coloured or patterned fabric. No matter where you are looking to apply the material or accessory, be sure to complement the existing bathroom features rather than overpower them.  These duck egg fabrics work beautifuly with the crisp white suite and various blue accessories to create a tranquil, seaside environment.

Bathroom Curtains and Blinds

Bathroom curtains and made to measure Roller blinds are the obvious choice, yet so many people opt for the first set of plain white curtains or Venetian blinds they can find. A great way to add a little extra energy to your bathroom is to source a vibrant or sleek colour and design that contrasts nicely with the current style of the room. Tones such as maroon or brown can have a great effect on a bathroom with a warming, cosy tone, whereas a fresh, green works well with lighter, refreshing bathrooms with a neutral palette.

Occassional Bathroom Chairs

Occasional chairs can be a great addition to your bathroom, and if you have the room can add a little luxury. Whether you use them just to make a statement or you actually find them convenient for pampering your feet and putting your makeup on, they’re quite a popular accessory! Go for an overstated, traditional chair with an upholstered seat to match your curtains. Vintage and Victorian bathrooms are in right now, so choose an elaborate piece to create a unique focal point.

Steph at Bathshop321 thinks Plumbs have a fantastic range of fabrics for decorating the bathroom.  Which is your favourtie?


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Making a House a Home

We've all heard the saying, 'it's the small things that count,' and this is particularly true of home decor.  Of course a complementary colour scheme and architectural features are important in creating wow factors in the home, but what about the minor details?  This post focuses on some of the smaller ways you can make a house a home:

How do you like to accessorise your home?


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