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Co-ordinating with Cushions

The importance of cushions is so often overlooked, when in fact they can be an intergral part to the whole outlook of your room. They are an easy way to add colour, texture and interest to your furniture, and are particularly effective in more neutral rooms.  It's amazing how a carefully selected set of cushions can bring life and a whole different mood to your living room.  This sofa is a prime example!

See how much life has been injected into this room with a few co-ordinating cushions and accessories!

Even just a couple of cushions at the edge of your sofa can make a huge difference and help to bring your whole colour scheme together.  Cushions can be key to breaking up solid blocks of colour, and bringing energy to more neutral tones.

And it's not just plainer fabrics that can benefit.  Choosing cushions that can coordinate with patterned furniture can also add a touch of interest and in some cases increase the grandeur of your sofa!

Finally, remember that cushions don't always have to be confined to the sofa.  Decorate bare window sills with an array of cushions.  Choosing various sizes and shapes can be effective but ensure that you keep to one colour scheme, and match your curtains to bring the look together.

How do you like to decorate with cushions?

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