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Design Explained: Jacquard style Fabrics

The world of fabrics can be a tricky place to navigate!  With damasks, scrolls, jacquards and trails, it's sometimes hard to keep track of what means what.  So today I wanted to shed some light one of our most popular fabric styles: the Jacquard.

Originally named after French inventor, Joseph Marie Jacquard in1801, a Jacquard fabric consists of an intricately woven pattern that is raised from the background as opposed to simply printed on. A true jacquard fabric is made using a special Jacquard loom, but the jacquard style or effect can be created in other ways too, giving the same raised look as the jacquard.

This style is great for adding texture and interest to your home textiles.  Let's explore a few of our top Jacquard style fabrics that could add that something special to your home...

A TRUE Jacquard fabric, Belgravia Garden has a subtle floral design which brings texture to the neutral fabric.  Indulge in the luxury of this fabric by teaming with sumptuous golds.

The jacquard style used on this fabric helps to strengthen the contrast between the elaborate design and the background - making for a striking focal point.

A traditional floral incorporating the jacquard style, this tapestry like fabric looks sophisticated and grand.  Perfect for the more traditional home.

Other Jacquard-style fabrics from Plumbs

We have 33 Jacquard style fabric designs in a number of colourways, and 5 true jacquard fabrics for that extra added luxury feel.

Which is your favourite?

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