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Personalise your home with Co-ordinating Fabrics

It can often be difficult to pin-point exactly how you want your living space to look.  And with the living rooms of today being a versatile hub of activity, it's hard to know how to best decorate for all occasions.  When the family is together and their is that wonderful bustle of life, you may want your living room to be alive with vibrancy and colour.  On the other hand, on a quiet Sunday afternoon you may want nothing more than to curl up with a good book and feel quietly peaceful surrounded by soft, delicate textiles.

Have you ever considered trying to merge both?  Mixing and matching your living room textiles and colours could give you the best of both worlds.  A little bit of everything you love could go wonderfully together to create a personlised look in your home.  Plus, different fabrics will add texture and depth to your room.

When choosing fabrics, remember to try to use complementing colours and designs.   We've teamed our beautiful Belinda - Raspberry with the delicate floral design of Chrysanthemum.  The rich, raspberry colour picks out the pink hues of the flowers, bringing them to life.

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