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Should we change the way we shop?

From Amazon Prime memberships to ASOS’ convenient click and collect locations, shopping online is easier than ever before. However, your orders can clock up quite the carbon footprint as they travel across land, air and sea to reach your doorstep – sometimes in a matter of days.

So, what can you do to help? Well, you can start by taking a look at our carbon footprint infographic and Plumbs’ sustainable shopping vision, below.

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Want to start shopping more sustainably today? Browse the full Plumbs collection of reupholstery fabrics, or get in touch with one of our local consultants, and take your first step towards a more sustainable home.

Sally is the Digital Marketing Manager at Plumbs. Prior to Plumbs, she ran the digital marketing strategy for Johnson’s Cleaners UK. Her interests include home interiors and upcycling, and her favourite show to watch after work is Homes Under the Hammer. Some of the topics she covers on the Plumbs blog include sofa reupholstery and furniture protection.

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