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Occasional Chairs for your Living Room, Bedroom and Bathroom!

We all like to dress up our homes, to find ornamental bits and bobs that will add a touch of personality and character to a room.  You may have a captivating canvas or a pretty flower pot positioned in just the right spot.  But have you ever considered the benefits of a specially chosen, specifically positioned occasional chair?

A chair has so much more to offer than simply a place to sit and relax.  So let's explore how a chair can add style and functionality to key areas in your home....

Living Room/Bedroom

Chairs are a great place to get away from it all and relax with a good book.  Your ocassional chair doesn't have to match the rest of your living room furnitue.  In fact, a different style or fabric will even set it out amongst the rest.  Try positioning alone beside a window or beneath an interesting lamp for a cosy, reading nook.  This can work well in bedrooms too.


If your hallway is big enough, an ocassional chair is a great piece to have.  It can either act as a feature in itself, provide a handy place to sit and pop on your shoes, or an easy place to drop your shopping when you get home!


A chair in the bathroom is ideal for draping your towel or clothes, or adding a bit of character to an otherwise mundane room.  Choose interesting furniture for a real wow-factor!

Be creative with your occasional chairs!  Remember, you can personlise your chairs with re-upholstery or loose covers so you can get the exact look that you want.  Here's a few of our favourties.... Which is yours?

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