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Sofas to be inspired by!

Walking through the workshop here at Plumbs it’s amazing to see the different ranges of sofas that come in to be reupholstered or re-covered.  Today however there are thousands of different styles that are manufactured, so we have pieced together a few of the best we’ve reupholstered and some of the most unusual and creative from around the world.


Titan Damask - Honey Cream

The beautiful and regal sofa has been reupholstered in Titian Damask- Honey Cream. The fabric has an elegant and intricate design that complements the shape and curves of this double ended Chaise-Lounge.  The timeless design of this piece of furniture means that it could sit perfectly in traditional and modern homes alike.

Cream Sofa

This unusual piece is more like art than furniture, and puts  a modern and inventive spin on a traditional style. The curve makes it look as though the sofa is climbing the walls!  Very creative!

Chelsea Velvet - Eggplant

This tall French winged backed chair covered in Chelsea Velvet – Eggplant, is a very striking piece, that would fit perfectly in a gothic style home. Styles like this are very sought after today as people want to reclaim classic furniture and mix with modern pieces.

Bath Sofa

This seat has taken relaxing in the bath to a whole new level.  Rather than discarding the old bath they have decided to up-cycle it and create a stunning seating area.

It’s clear to see why people have an emotional attachment to their furniture especially the beautiful pieces.  If you have a piece of furniture you love but it feels out of date, why not contact Plumbs today for a FREE no obligation quote and see if we can breath new life into your furniture!

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