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How to add crushed velvet glamour to your home décor


Stylish, sophisticated and oh-so glamorous, crushed velvet is very much the apple of every interior – and fashion – designer’s eye at the moment.

With its two-tone colours, soft touch and pretty pile, this luxurious textile looks just as good on your living room armchair as it does on the catwalk (it’s no wonder crushed velvet has been touted as one of 2019’s hottest interior design trends).

So, how can you style out this elegant material in your home? To see how it’s done, take a look at our guide on how to add crushed velvet to your home décor, below.

Silky soft sofas

One of the best things about crushed velvet is its versatility. Along with its chic look, there’s a deluxe feeling to it, too – and this is why it makes a fantastic sofa fabric.

Taking pride of place in your lounge, this material, while it might feel delicate, is just as durable as cotton, microfibre and even some faux leathers. It also feels super smooth when an afternoon nap or a cuddle by the fire calls.

To introduce velvet into your lounge décor, start with a neutral colour. Creams and light violet sofa fabrics deliver the dynamic look that has become synonymous with velvet luxury, while jewel tones like sapphire blue, ruby red, emerald green or citrine yellow add instant luxury.  

Deluxe curtains

Are your curtains looking past their best? If so, then a pair of crushed velvet curtains could be the upgrade your windows are crying out for.

With their heavy drop and naturally thick material, crushed velvet has a ‘throwing the red carpet out’ elegance that will make your lounge look Oscar-ready all year round.

But you don’t have to opt for deep ruby red or royal purple to make a statement with your velvet curtains. Pale colours like white and fresh greens are ideal if you’re decorating a minimalistic-themed home but still want the warmth that this heavy material delivers. Alternatively, silvers and soft blues are perfect tones for contemporary décors with metallic highlights. 

Textured soft furnishings

Modern lounge with crushed velvet cushions

Crushed velvet might have the look of opulence, but it doesn’t need to run through every inch of your décor to deliver a style statement. In fact, when used sparingly, it can add that extra degree of depth your décor needs.

Get started by adding crushed velvet covers to your scatter cushions and introducing plush velvet throws to armchairs. It’s small changes like this which can inject a certain “warmth” to your space’s key accents – and all without making any dramatic interior changes.

Everywhere else

It might be experiencing a peak of popularity at the minute (100,000 Insta posts and counting), but #crushedvelvet has never truly fallen out of fashion.

Ever since it came on the fashion scene in the 70s, velvet has been the fabric du jour of interior trend-setters around the world. Whether you’re styling your seating with a vintage vibe in mind or want a look reminiscent of your favourite celeb haunt, you can’t go wrong with crushed velvet (just don’t go overboard – too much of the same material has a nasty habit of overwhelming pared-down spaces).

So now you know how to bring crushed velvet into your home, which colour will you go for? Take a look through the Plumbs fabric range to browse more than 800 different patterns and colourways. 

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