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5 Steps to Black and Gold Décor

Black and gold are a contemporary and luxurious combination, which you can implement in five easy steps. We'll go through them, starting with the walls, followed by a new look for your sofa, an exquisite new lamp, rich, made to measure  curtains and a luxuriant rug to finish the room.

1. Start With the Walls

You needn't opt for busy floral wallpaper, or heavy flocked damask, to co-ordinate your walls with the rest of your look. These attractive black and gold cyclamen decals are a quick and simple way to embellish plain walls; they also have the advantage of being temporary; simply peel them off when you are bored with them!

2. Sofa Covers

The fabric used for these easily fitted sofa covers is called Jacobean Opulence. This rich cloth is a beautiful cream, printed with a softly curling black and gold floral pattern, shown here paired with marble and delicate cream blooms. The co-ordinating scatter cushions are in gold and black fabrics; but plain coloured and textured instead of patterned. Note the use of satin to enhance the deluxe feel of the sofa.

3. Lamp

These beautiful marble and brass table lamps combine traditional materials and contemporary design for a sculptural light source. Inspired loosely by Art Deco principles, the thick marble disks rest gracefully on a triangular stand.  Would look perfect displayed on an inlaid occasional table, or gracing a fireplace

4. Curtains

These made to measure Passirano Noir curtains combine an antique gold base fabric with a metallic black pattern reminiscent of ancient vase-work and Greek friezes. The thick, sheened fabric is timeless, ideal for all seasons, from Spring to Winter. The curtains can be weighted, and you can purchase matching accessories in the same fabric; a wide curtain tie or a new pelmet.

5.  Rug

This thick, fluffy black and gold rug is the final step in transforming your home. Luxuriant and soft underfoot, it is the perfect accent for polished wooden floors. It co-ordinates with the black and gold theme of your room without overpowering by introducing new patterns to the room.

Remember, if you want to transform your home with the contemporary luxury of black and gold, Plumbs can offer you a free, no obligation home consultation, where we can measure your curtains and sofa, so we can create the perfect bespoke furniture covers for you.

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