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Create a focal point in any room

When you walk into a room or interior space, you'll feel more comfortable if your eye can rest on a main feature. That main feature is called the "focal point" of the room.

If your room has a beautiful picture window looking out to a lovely garden, that's it. If you have a fireplace, large or small, that will be the focal point in that room.

Sometimes a room has no distinguishing feature built in and you have to create one. Some ideas of focal points that you can add to a room are; large cabinet, oriental or patterned rug, dramatic mirror, fabric panel.


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Amazing bedroom Ideas

Here's great post that I just had to share, it shows some of the most extreme, fun but elegant styles of bedroom furniture I've ever seen. Can you see yourself rocking to sleep in this bed after a hard days work:


Just as long as you don't get sea sick! Obviously outlandish designs such as these are not for everyone, but it seems when looking for a new bed most of the styles are very orthadox. This one really stands out to me as one which still in-keeps with convention but really gives a room a refreshing feel:


Have a look at more of the great designs here:

What's your favourite?


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Inspiational Ideas for Spring

I've written a couple of blog posts about the new home decor trends for Spring and 2008, which can be found here:

Give your home a brand new look for spring
Home Decor must haves for 2008

To add to these, I recently found a great post here that gives some really inspirational ideas you can use in your own home, my favourite is:

Cottage Charm
Just like a relaxing day at a quaint bed and breakfast, decor can delight the senses with contentment and nostalgia. Interior designers and crafters alike are using intricate flower patterns to create unique household decorations. A soft blanket and pillow to adorn a favourite chair and black and white photos project the joys of yesteryear. Hand-painted buckets and antique watering cans bring the entire look together with a delightful country feel.

Click here to read the rest of the post...


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Home Decor must haves for 2008

There are many opinions on what will be hot or not in 2008 with probably many of the top designers arguing into 2009. However I hope some of these broad ideas might get your creative juices flowing and give you some inspiration for you home decor this year.

    • Apparently no home this year can be considered hot without a wall mural, these "must have" accessories can dramatically change the whole feel of a room instantly. Don't just go for the same designs everyone else gets either, most companies producing murals will offer a custom service which will allow you to use artwork, a photo or a landscape which is personal to you.
    • Minimalism seems to be out this year, some of the worlds top designers say that cosy and over-stuffed comfortable furniture is in, so at long last we can now relax in our living rooms. Bright colourful rooms featuring antiques and upholstered furniture will create this look without sacrificing elegance or beauty. There are many second-hand shops and flea markets where you can pick up some really good antique sofas and chairs at relatively low cost. Even if the fabric is a little dated or worn, as long as the frame is of good quality (made of hardwood) then you can get the piece re-upholstered to suit any decor.
    • As we all start to consider the environment and our carbon footprint, it is only natural this should be reflected in our homes. There are many ways in which home products can be re-cycled, re-used and re-furbished, from recovering your sofa in loose covers to using bamboo flooring in your kitchen or bathroom.
    • Colour has a very important role to play in any home decor, it can be the difference between a house that flows from room to room complementing each other or a ghastly and possibly costly mistake which makes you curse each time you walk into a room. Both Asian and Spiced colour palettes will be big in 2008 with big influences coming from the Chinese Olympics. There may also be some unexpected colours and combinations such as browns with burgundy and deep purple with red, blue may also turn out be an unlikely candidate.
    • Lighting can be just as important as colour to a room by changing how the room is viewed. Using accent lighting and multiple light sources to emphasise key decor highlights such as objects or architectural features will be a big trend this year. But remember to keep green and use energy efficient products.
    • People will be looking to indulge their senses this year by adding difference textures into the home such as silks & velvets. Think of the different textures you can give your rugs, curtains, loose covers, sofa throws, scatter cushions and even wallpaper.

No matter what any of the industry expects say this year it is clear that there are many ways for you to make you home individual and personal but the environmental angle does seem to be an overriding factor.


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