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Out of The Blue

Blue is a colour we never seem to fall out of love with in, whether that be feminine Duck Eggs, deep Grecian hues, or bold and glossy tones, going blue is a look that can work for every home.


Teal (named Dulux colour of the year 2014) is a great choice if you want to avoid anything too dark or cold. This versatile shade will work in almost all designs from refined and sophisticated to bold and retro.

This striped Brecon fabric adds colour to a classic design, by using a complementing fabric with a thin Teal stripe on the chairs the look is pulled together without being overpowering.  The use of dark woods gives the design a timeless quality. 


This stunning teal wallpaper has a distinctly retro feel when teamed with the bold canary yellow of these sixties chairs.  Prints like this, also look great when paired with metallic accessories.


Inky Hues

Deep inky blues look great when kept simple with white accents.  Ikat style fabrics and prints can work particularly well in this deep moody shade and can be used in any room of the home.



Ombre (to fade colours into each other) has taken the fashion industry by storm, being seen anywhere from fabrics and accessories, to hair and nails, and like all trends this is steadily making its way into our homes.  

Blue is one of the most workable colours dominating this trend, and can be used on curtains, walls, accessories and even woods, such as this chair below.  By fading any shade of blue into neutral creams and off whites you can create a relaxed bohemian look.  If you’re feeling brave you can find many tutorials online on how to create your own ombre piece, and gain that all important ‘hand-made’ look.


Blue5 (1) 

Sky Blues

Teaming this sultry blue colour with black, white, and pops of sunshine yellow creates a clean modern look.  This colour looks great against angular furniture and natural woods. 


Alternatively this colour (Chelsea Velvet – Sky) looks stunning when combined with soft creams and shimmering metalics.


Blue is a great colour on its own or is versatile enough to work with a number of different colours and designs.  If you’re unsure about which shades to incorporate into your home, why not start of by introducing a few smaller items such as throws, cushions, and artwork.  Alternatively you can always speak to a Plumbs Home Consultant, who can advise on a wide selection of furniture fabrics free of charge.


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The #PlumbLine – Socially curated interior design content

Welcome to the #PlumbLine! The corner of our site dedicated to curating some of the best interior design content from social media. Here you'll find a range of tweets we hope you'll find it interesting and inspiring. This page will be updated every month to bring you a fresh view of interior design ideas, tips, trends and advice. Check back or follow @Plumbs on Twitter for more.

Top Tweets

The guys at @designboom shared a wonderfully tranquil photo of a disused pool in a Japanese apartment building - renovated to serve as a 'concept space' for a fashion company.

A great tip next from @jblovesdesign - hanging lots of frames, either in clusters or covering an entire wall, works well if you match the frame and wall colour. A very cool way to make a white bathroom really interesting!

A very on trend 'nautical' look from @REstylesource, a bright white room brought to life with the addition of weathered and distressed furniture.

Even with an amazing space like the one in this photo shared by @laellabrie, it's not always easy to make it look good. But, they've chosen some great pieces - a mix of modern and retro, to bring it to life.

@DomeDeco are tipping copper to be a must have this year so make sure to add it to your list. The bright and warm metal is making a comeback and we can see why from this image montage.

@RoweFurniture shows off a beautiful room bringing some of the top interior tips for 2014 together including metallics and skins. Their tip is spot on too...

A design tip from @ToriTAlexander to make a room seem higher - bring an oversized chandelier or light fitting into it. Works really well in the photo, coupled with their light colours and a chunky table.

A simple tweet to finish off with this month, something everyone can go home and do today. Arranging books by colour can give a really nice effect - could easily apply to CDs or anything else you choose to keep on show in cabinets or on shelves. Thanks to @hopplerph…

That’s all for this month, we'd love you to share our collection on social media - if you do, please use the #PlumbLine hashtag :) Remember to check back for updates each month too!


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No Place Like Home

Nordic and Scandinavian Design has been a staple trend for years, and thanks to large furniture outlets such as Ikea, we can guarantee this trend is set to stay.  Think pale beech wood, neutral walls, and crisp clean lines mixed with modern accessories.  This look is all about effortless style, practical furniture and a minimal amount of fuss. 

 White Room

A bright and airy room is the perfect place for this trend.  Natural light streams across the glossy white furniture and flooring, and the light fittings hang perfectly over the main entertaining areas.  The splashes of pattern in different colours and styles give the look a slight thrown together appearance.


Low furniture is typical of this trend usually in neutral colours and wooden frames.  The large bookshelf stops this look becoming too bare and clinical, as well less serious aspects such as the oversized Basketball seat.


This take on the Scandinavian trend is slightly more liveable, due to the soft furnishings and curtains.  A citrus accent colour has also been used to liven up the colour scheme.


The bedroom is a great place to incorporate this trend, as we usually crave calming colours and minimal fuss when we unwind.  We love the white washed walls and unfinished style of this room.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to achieve this look as less is often more when accessorising the Scandinavian trend.  A few well thought out, higher quality pieces of bespoke bedroom furniture will stand out more against cool neutral walls.  You could even transform the furniture you already own with sofa covers or reupholstery in simple quality upholstery fabrics.


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Beautiful Botanicals

Like all areas of design, trends eventually come back around and the Botanicals trend has come back bigger and stronger than ever.  Pretty flowers and plants, incorporated with butterflies and birds are set to take over our walls and accessories this spring and summer, to give a welcome break from masculine looks that have dominated interior design over the winter months. 

There is a variety of ways to achieve this look, such as wallpaper, art, plants, and accessories so this look is perfect for everyone. 

Plants & Flowers

P1 (2) 

This look is a restrained and subtle take on the trend, using only a few green plants and moss green bottles and vases.  The distressed mini step ladder makes an interesting side table and matches the flaking walls perfectly.  These aspects have been contrasted beautifully with a simple Aubergine coloured chair and pretty scatter cushions.


 P2 (2)

The mix of pretty botanical wallpaper and industrial edged furniture adds a modern twist and stops this style looking too chintzy.


P3 (2) 

The days of flying ducks on walls may have gone but birds are defiantly still around to stay.  You’ll find them on walls, curtains, and scatters in bold summer hues and patterns.


 P4 (2)

Butterflies have been around in interior design for some time now, with many designers using motifs in prints and wallpaper, even well-known artists such as Damien Hurst have been known to use these pretty insects in their work. The strong turquoise and bold blue colours of these butterflies would work well on muted walls, or you could try a bright wallpaper to create a striking feature wall.


P5 (2) 

This bold take on the botanicals trend is much more retro.  The measuring beaker used as a vase takes the trend a step further whilst adding a light-hearted twist to the overall look.  These bold clashing colours and patterns may not be for everyone but they certainly make a statement.


P6 (1) 

A full on yet sophisticated take on the trend using shades of green and dark woods.


P7 (1) 

This look has taken the bold yellows, reds and greens, typical of the botanical trend but contrasted them with lots of deep purples and mauves.  Although quite dark, this look still has that distinct tropical look of the botanicals trend.

Whether you’re looking to create a look that’s retro inspired or pretty and floral, the botanicals trend can work perfectly for you, why not start by adding a few scatters or bold artwork to refresh your home

If you would like give your furniture an update with reupholstery or sofa covers, in designs including like this trend, contact Plumbs today for a FREE no obligation quotation.



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