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A New Clock to Watch at Midnight!

With all eyes on Big Ben tonight, I got to thinking about the poor clock in my own home: an uninspiring, generic face ticking and tocking with little enthusiasm.  New Year's Resolution number one: upgrade the kitchen clock!  Gone are the days of a clock being a mere time telling tool - today the clock is an essential decorative item that can really show off your personality and taste.   But with a whole host of exciting and quirky designs out there, where do you start?  I've had a look at to find out!

Table Clock

The easiest decision to make is whether you need a wall clock or one to sit on a desk, table or mantel.  Table clocks may seem less convenient but don't discard the idea.  There are a beautiful selection of table clocks around, particularly these handmade glass designs.

Italian Design

If sophisticated style is more what you're looking for, take a look at this selection of beautiful Italian designs.  These wonderful creations come in all shapes and sizes and look great as a real focal point on your wall!

Novelty Clocks

For a bit of fun why not go for one of these fun designs.  Full of comic charm, these clocks are bound to make you smile every minute of the day!  I particularly like the mixture of old and new with this shadowed effect cuckoo clock.

Glass Wall Clocks

This stunning range of glass wall clocks are great for adding a touch of artistic glamour to your walls.  Often smaller in size, these more discreet clocks are ideal for hallways, bedrooms and kitchens.

With so much choice I may even choose one for each room!  So, as my poor old kitchen clock ticks away the final hours of 2011, I hope to have left you with inspiration to make a real statement in your homes!  Check back in the New Year for more inspiring design products.

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