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Mirror, Mirror on the wall...

What is the best design feature in your home?  Is it a beautiful Chesterfield couch, a stunning sculpture or a zanny colour scheme?  How many of you said, my mirrors!  I know what you must be thinking: mirrors are a necessity not a design feature.  Whether you sneak a quick glance every time you walk past or avoid your mirrors at all costs, be sure not to underestimate them when it comes to creating wow factor in your home.

Create a sense of grandeur with oversized mirrors.  Positioned in your dining room, a large elaborate mirror will bounce back plenty of light, leaving the room feeling spacious and airey.  Not to mention it makes a great pre-starter talking point!

We all like to be able to see what we're doing as we get ready in the morning, but does this take things to the extreme?  Not at all, a stunning statement and practical too! Combine with monochrome, minimalist decor for maximum impact!

Forget the dreary family timeline ascending the stairs and opt for a variety of mirrors instead.  They will instantly brighten the space and add extra interest.  Choose matching, neutral colours for a subtle statement or mix and match sizes, shapes and colours for a fun,  'off the wall' approach!

A growing trend at the moment are collage wall displays, with photo frames and clocks featuring highly.  Use mirrors of all different shapes and sizes, but ensure they have something in common to fit in with your room's decor.  Mixing and matching metallic frames are a great way to add that luxury feel to this living room.

The humble mirror: a stylish, yet practical home decor solution!

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