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Re-Decorating and Braving the Jeans!

If, like me, you’ve enjoyed a month of jolly indulgence, you’ll be avoiding your jeans like the plague this January!  But with the weather still cold outside and the January Blues beginning to creep in, the last thing we want to do is hit the gym!

Fear not!  There is a perfect solution to burning off the Christmas calories and wiping out the winter blues in one!  Decorating!

A newly decorated room brings a whole new lease of life to your home, plus it has the added bonus of giving you a proper work out!  A study by dietician Juliette Kellow* shows that painting and other inside projects can burn 66 calories per hour.  Or, if you’re feeling particularly energetic, wallpapering is proven to burn 133.2 calories per hour!

No doubt you will be up and down the stairs (burning 516.3 calories per hour), and cleaning up after your work is done (burning 367.3 calories per hour.)  So, before you know it, you’re home will look fresh and you will feel great!

*Survey based on 37 year old female weighing 12 stone - full study taken from

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