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Welcome to the #PlumbLine! The corner of our site dedicated to curating some of the best interior design content from social media. Here you'll find a range of tweets we hope you'll find it interesting and inspiring. This page will be updated every month to bring you a fresh view of interior design ideas, tips, trends and advice. Check back or follow @Plumbs on Twitter for more.

Top Tweets

The guys at @designboom shared a wonderfully tranquil photo of a disused pool in a Japanese apartment building - renovated to serve as a 'concept space' for a fashion company.

A great tip next from @jblovesdesign - hanging lots of frames, either in clusters or covering an entire wall, works well if you match the frame and wall colour. A very cool way to make a white bathroom really interesting!

A very on trend 'nautical' look from @REstylesource, a bright white room brought to life with the addition of weathered and distressed furniture.

Even with an amazing space like the one in this photo shared by @laellabrie, it's not always easy to make it look good. But, they've chosen some great pieces - a mix of modern and retro, to bring it to life.

@DomeDeco are tipping copper to be a must have this year so make sure to add it to your list. The bright and warm metal is making a comeback and we can see why from this image montage.

@RoweFurniture shows off a beautiful room bringing some of the top interior tips for 2014 together including metallics and skins. Their tip is spot on too...

A design tip from @ToriTAlexander to make a room seem higher - bring an oversized chandelier or light fitting into it. Works really well in the photo, coupled with their light colours and a chunky table.

A simple tweet to finish off with this month, something everyone can go home and do today. Arranging books by colour can give a really nice effect - could easily apply to CDs or anything else you choose to keep on show in cabinets or on shelves. Thanks to @hopplerph…

That’s all for this month, we'd love you to share our collection on social media - if you do, please use the #PlumbLine hashtag :) Remember to check back for updates each month too!

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