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Trend Alert - Living Walls!

We've been talking a lot lately about bringing the outdoors in, but this latest interior design trend takes that idea to a whole new level.  Green walls, or Living Walls as they are popularly known, are fast becoming the statement feature to have in the home.  Why hang a picture of the rainforest when you can have something close to the real thing on your walls?!

The trend of growing foliage up and across interior walls has been made famous by British artists: Ackroyd and Harvey, when they covered a former church with grass interiors.  The concept may seem unrealistic and pose obvious functional difficulties in the home.  However, not all designs have to be quite so elaborate as Ackroyd and Harvey's.

Green walls could make a stunning focal point and certainly a talking point in a contemporary home...

Opt for a smaller version and display a series of foliage like picture boxes for a novel decorative touch...

Or you can even merge design with functionality in the kitchen, with a living wall of fresh herbs.

Would you like a living wall in your home?

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