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Mood Board Magic: Ways to Collate Your Ideas

Over the past few weeks we've been looking at how to bring ideas together and make a mood board for your desired new look, whether it be re-decorating or planning an event.  There are lots of different and fun ways that you can complete your boards.  These are just a few of my favourite methods, or you could choose one that works for you!

Computer Montage

If you've used the internet to find your inspiration, save the paper in printing and collate your findings in a computer montage.  Just copy and paste your findings together in one document.  The beauty of this method is it's so quick and easy.


If you prefer to cut and stick, play around with your findings and bring them together on the page.  The great thing about this is that you can include different textures so you can get more of a feel for the end result.

Pinboard or Canvas

Why not make your mood board into a piece of art that can continue to inspire you throughout your project.  A great, easy way to do this would be to pin your findings to a notice board, or canvas which you can hang on the wall.  Have fun playing around with the positioning and colours.  You can be as creative as you like!

The Final Result...

So, does all of the researching, collecting, cutting, glueing and pinning pay off?  Well for me, having a mood board to work from gives me a clear idea of how the end result will look and keeps me focussed on the end result.  Take a look at how Plumbs own stylist Jenny Stirzaker uses mood boards to complete a beautiful new room....

Find out more about how to create a mood board from start to finish:


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Mood Board Magic: Where to get your Inspiration!

When it comes to creating a mood board for your latest home decorating project we may all start at different points.  We may have a particular theme or colour scheme in mind, or we may just know how we want the room to make us feel.  Regardless of how far along the creative process we are, we can all use the same resources to find ways of bringing our ideas together.

So where are the best places to glean inspiration?  The simple answer: anywhere and everywhere!  Whether it's a beautiful room set you've seen in a magazine or the colours on a crisp autumn morning, almost anything can be used to fuel your creativity....

Remember to keep your eyes out and photograph, cut and collect anything that grabs your attention.  Keep hold of your findings and check back soon to see how to collate your ideas into an inspiring mood board that will help you achieve your perfect look!


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Mood Board Magic: the first in a 3 part series!

When it comes to planning an event or the revamp of a room, it can be difficult to know where to start!  Where can you go for inspiration and how can you tell what will work together?  This is where the beauty of the mood board comes in!

A mood board is simply a place where all of your inspiration comes together, so you can get an idea of the overall look and feel of your completed project.  Not only is it a great tool, it can also be lots of fun!

Over a short series of blogs we will explore the uses of mood boards, where to glean your inspiration and how to collate your ideas together to give wonderful results!  The topic of focus today:

When to use a Mood Board?

You can use a mood board for lots of different projects.  We will be looking specifically at mood boards for room design, but there are lots of other reasons you may wish to construct a mood board of ideas...

Check back next week for some top tips on how to be inspired!


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