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Big, Bold and Beautiful Florals from Sanderson

This week's blog delves into the wonderful world of fabric design.  Searching for inspiration this morning, I found myself surrounded by swatchbooks containing some of the most unique and beautiful fabrics from our current range.  We pride ourselves on sourcing fabrics from today's best designers, so I say it's time to pay homage to the creative genius behind the contemporary florals and classic damasks.  Over a series of blogs we will be celebrating some of today's top fabric designers!  Starting with one of the UK's best known design houses... Sanderson.

With over 150 years experience in the design industry, it's no suprise that Sanderson are one of the UK's leading design houses today.  Culminating quintessentially Bristish design with new and modern elements, their designs attract all ages.
They explain more about their style and ethos on their website: “We draw on the creativity of young contemporary designers, alongside the work of artists and historical documents. This mix creates new and directional designs for modern living.”

One of Sanderson's most recent popular designs Dandelion Clocks has been greatly received by the Bristish public and home decor industry alike,  with the fun, simple design cropping up everywhere from teacups to wallpaper.  As a result, Dandelion Clocks is one of our most popular Sanderson designs for loose covers, re-upholstery and curtains.  An alternative, blackcurrent colourway is also available, alongside 4 more famous Sanderson designs including Pondicherry and Pangbourne.

To find out more about our other fabric suppliers click here, or check back for more Featured Fabric Supplier posts!  In the meantime we'd love to hear from you:

What's you favourite Sanderson design?

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