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Fresh, Modern Floral Fabrics from Swaffer

Continuing with our series focussing on great British fabric design, the spotlight for today lands on Peterborough based design house, Swaffer.

Establised in 1973, Swaffer have since been providing high quality decorative fabrics to over 40 countries worldwide!  Reknowned for their mix of modern and classic styles, Swaffer produce some of today’s most stunning jacards and innovative floral designs.

Below are a sample of our favourite Swaffer designs, available from Plumbs…

Bold and beautiful florals are fast making a come back in interior design, and this modern take on the English Poppyfield from Swaffer is up there with the best!  Particularly striking for blinds and curtains.

A fresh palette is used for this stunning ‘Vista’ fabric.  Favouring foliage over florals, this contemporary fabric is highly popular for the modern home.

This striking design certainly has the wow factor! Ideal for adding personality to your home as a statement chair.

This stunning designs that emerge from Swaffer each year aren’t just pretty to look at!  The company stress the other important qualities they strive to achieve with their fabrics: “Product quality and durability are as important to us as design and colour.”

Stay in touch for more featured fabric designers.  What’s your favourite Swaffer design?

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