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Hues of blue (Luxury Design Collection)

Those following along with our recent blogs now know all about our new collection of fabrics, but if you’re new here then we’ll clue you in.

Our team have been hard at work crafting a series of colour coordinated fabric palettes that will make your next home design project as relaxing as can be! So far we’ve taken a look at the yellow and grey collections, but today adds a new blue hue to the journey.

Italian Stripe - blue

Blue is definitely one of our favourite colours to work with as its versatile nature makes it ideal for a whole range of interior styles. From a splash of seaside blue to an all-out ocean of navy, it can be anything from easy to intriguing.

In our new Luxury Design Collection, we’ve focused on the darker side of blue with touches of soft grey and cream to complement. Something like Italian Stripe will make a statement with its high fashion look and smart stripe design.

The luxury of blue has deep roots too, as it was traditionally one of the most expensive colours to create meaning the homes of the wealthy were abundant in the colour. If it’s the look for you, why not amp up your extravagance with a printed velvet curtain in Secrecy?

With all the work done for you, don’t carry on feeling blue about your home. Book a free in-home visit today.

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