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Pretty in pink (Luxury Design Collection)

We’re over the halfway point in our roundup of the new Luxury Design Collection, and it’s time to think pink! Once solely confined to the bedroom of little girls, pink is now finally getting the recognition it deserves.

Warm and inviting in the colder months or fresh and modern in the spring, its appeal shines through all year round. And, without making ourselves blush, our new fabric book means you can inject a touch of pink to your home totally hassle free.

English garden - pink

When it comes to using pink in your interiors, it comes as no surprise that floral is the natural way to go. The combination of delicate design with soft and gentle colours will create a room that you can’t help but relax in, so a fabric like English Garden is the ultimate combination of the two.

Yet, as such a versatile colour, pink holds far more potential than purely the traditional. Geometric and Eastern inspired designs can also look enchanting and increasingly modern.

Take Wayfarer for example. Designed by the Lancashire fabric house, Bill Beaumont, this fabric uses an intricate stencil pattern to combine matte and glossy textures within its design. The result is a fabric that’s ideal for the modern home on either curtains or blinds, and it will infuse something a little different into your home.

Also included in this palette is Venture. Again designed by the Bill Beaumont fabric house, it will bring a unique element of fun into your home with its textured circle design.

So, whether you go for a traditional look or a more modern motif, don’t discard pink from your plans! It really could help you fall in love with your furniture again.

To view all our fabrics that are pretty in pink, head to our fabric section.

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