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Refreshing the Home with Crowson

Over the past few weeks we've been showcasing the very best in British fabric design, and today sees the focus lie with long established company, Crowson.

Based in Uckfield, East Sussex this design house has over 30 years experience in the fabrics industry and have produced some beautiful designs over the years.  Take Tamana - Blue, for example.  A traditional, yet delicate floral in a refreshing blue and green colourway.  Crowson shows that a traditional floral design isn't always overbearing.  The cool palette and the soft lines in the design go together to produce this elegant fabric.

The nature of the design means that it is quite versatile in that it looks beautiful as part of a bright, fresh living room, or used to bring light and colour to a dark dining room.  Tamana also goes beautifully in the conservatory, as an extension of the flora in your own garden!

A truely timeless design with great verstaility!  Click here to find out more about our other branded fabrics, or see Tamana - Blue for free in your own home by requesting your no-obligation Home Visit!

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