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Soft Velvet Fabrics from Ross

The latest instalment in our Featured Fabric supplier series looks today at Ross Fabrics, and in particular their beautiful velvets. Ross are one of the leading suppliers of upholstery fabrics in the UK, and have almost 80 years experience in the fabric industry!  Their collection includes chenilles, weaves and velvets in both traditional and contemporary designs and colourways.

At this time of year velvets can be incredibly inviting.  There's nothing I'd like more this week than to be snuggled up in the reassuring folds of my sofa, so my ideal fabric would have to be soft to touch, smooth and comfortable.  Velvet it is then!  But as well as the sensory benefits of these smoother fabrics, velvets can also add a touch of grandeur and sophistication to our furniture.

Bijoux Crushed Velvet is a popular Ross fabric here at Plumbs!  With a subtle sheen this fabric oozes luxury and gives an elegant feel.  Plus, it's shimmering quality can keep furniture sparkling all year round.  You could choose a neutral colourway and simply change your curtains for a new look for Autumn-Winter, and another for Spring-Summer.

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