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Teal appeal (Luxury Design Collection)

As we pen the penultimate piece in the Luxury Design Collection blog series, we’re hoping you’ve got the memo... Colour coordination can be difficult sometimes, but, don’t worry, Plumbs is here to help.

So far we’ve covered a range of décor decisions, from the totally tropical to blissfully blue, and hopefully you’ve found a palette that prompts inspiration. If you’re yet to find the look for you, don’t despair! We’ve still got two looks to go, so let’s get started!

Charlton Teal

If you’d asked us 18 months ago, we might have told you that teal was a flash in the pan trend, but we’ll hold our hands up and admit it; this vibrant colour is going nowhere fast. With its staying power proven, we knew it was time to create a go to look for those who want to incorporate teal into their home.

As a statement colour, we’ve chosen to combine the warm tones of teal with a soft grey creating a high fashion look with vast appeal. When it comes to accessorising this palette, we’d recommend opting for metallic shades to complement the blue hues in the colour. Take our bestselling fabric Charlton for example, perfectly complemented by a modern, silver stemmed lamp (above).

With teal appeal here to stay, why not add the colour to your curtains? For a helping hand, check out our essential curtain buying guide.

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