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A Plumbs Tale

This must be one of our best customer stories:

A Plumbs Tale

Once upon a time on a dark wintry night a fairy princess in the guise of Plumbs consultant Jan Bone came to sprinkle some fairy dust on a tired old suite. She worked her magic with samples of every colour and finally with a flourish produced the cardinal rouge velvet. Yes please! Cried the owner and off Jan went in her four wheeled vehicle.

Soon prince Alan arrived with his trusty tape measure and then he too disappeared sending measurements across the land.

Many a long month went by as plasterers and painters prepared the room ready for the arrival of the red velvet and Plumbs were asked to wait" just a little while longer" so that everything could be right for the occasion. And then the day arrived, and so did Jan Bone carrying her wondrous boxes of covers.

With a flick and a pull the old suite was transformed into something magical - a suite to be proud of - a blaze of colour and just as comfortable as it had always been. And the moral of the story? " always judge a suite by it's Plumbs cover"

Mrs. Bevan - Portsmouth

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