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Giant Armchair Takes Over Preston's Streets!

Well we did it!  After a year of cloak and dagger, our theme for the 2012 Preston Guild Trades Procession was unveiled in all it's glory this weekend!  We went with an Alice in Wonderland inspired float as the perfect way to showcase our popular motto: "We Can Cover Almost Anything!"  The star of the show, Alice herself, came riding along the streets of Preston in a giant armchair covered in our popular English Poppyfields fabric.

The chair measuring 4.5m high and 3m wide, was followed by a float depicting the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, with different size and shape furniture, tea cups and even the Queen of Hearts!  The procession was helped along by friends and employees of Plumbs all happily clad in Union Jack colours to carry on this Summer's Great British patriotism and celebrate Great British craft!

Love Alice's chosen fabric?  Find out more about English Poppyfields and how it could look in your home...

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