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Looking back at Plumbs

I always feel writing for a blog can be quite time consuming particularly finding inspiration of what to write about. However it helps working for a company that has been going for over 45 years as there's usually a wealth of resource to plunder.

Which is why I've been reading all the back-copies of the Plumbs company magazine. Not only did I find some great stories I'd like to share with you but the accompanying photos have given me a great laugh, showing early nineties hair-styles and fashions, much to the embarrassment of some of my colleagues.  Here's one photo of a young Laura Calvert, Joanna Whitworth & Sarah Page.


In particular, I came across a section called "Amusing Anecdotes, Hot Tips & Facts". Any staff member who contributed to this section was given a box of chocolates, so as you can imagine there were plenty received.

Here is one of my favourites, which was sent in from a consultant:

"I was showing a customer fabrics when the telephone rang and she left the room leaving me with her parents, who were a quiet couple. However, I carried on talking about Plumbs Covers and fabrics trying to encourage a response. My questions and statements only drew blank looks. After about 8 minutes the lady returned and listening to my chat, smiled and informed me that her parents neither spoke or understood English!"

More to come...

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