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Plumbs Backgrounds for Zoom & Microsoft Teams Video Calls

With much of the country staying indoors, and many working from home, a lot of people are asking “how do I make my video calls look more interesting?”

If you’re using Teams or Zoom to catch up with friends and family, or for conducting meetings for work, you can now change your background image, hiding what’s actually there, and placing you into an entirely virtual world, and it couldn’t be easier.

Whether you’re using Zoom or Teams, you can now add one of these fabulous Plumbs images to completely transform your home office into a luxurious living room.  Don’t worry, instructions how to change your background image for both Zoom and Teams are below.

Start by selecting your favourite image (or images) from the ones below.

plumbs-background-1 Plumbs -background -2 Plumbs-background-3 Plumbs-background-4

If you’re using Teams on a Windows PC, copy and paste this address into your File Explorer address bar


If you’re using a Mac, copy and paste this address if your Finder address bar

~/Library/Applications Support/Microsoft/Teams/Backgrounds

Now download your chosen image (or images) and add them to the folder you’ve got open.

Then, when you’re on a call on Teams, click the three dots in the control bar, choose Show Effects, and then choose your new Plumbs background and brace yourself to become the envy of your friends and work colleagues.

If you’re using Zoom, the process is even easier. Start by opening the Zoom program. The click Room Management, then select Zoom Rooms. From there, go to Account Settings at the top of the page, and in the Account Profile tab, under Background image for Zoom Rooms, click Upload New Image, select your saved Plumbs image, clock open, and welcome to your new living room.

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Sally is the Digital Marketing Manager at Plumbs. Prior to Plumbs, she ran the digital marketing strategy for Johnson’s Cleaners UK. Her interests include home interiors and upcycling, and her favourite show to watch after work is Homes Under the Hammer. Some of the topics she covers on the Plumbs blog include sofa reupholstery and furniture protection.

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