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Congratulations to Sarah Plumb for 25 years service!

sarah-plumb.jpgToday, Sarah became one of 25 staff working at Plumbs to have completed 25 years of service. Grand-daughter of Plumbs founder Thomas Plumb, Sarah initially had ambitions of going into nursing but became captivated in the family business at an early age, becoming Managing Director of Plumbs in March this year

Sarah says, "Over the last twenty five years I have worked in all areas of the Business and have worked with some fantastic people. Today has given me an opportunity to reflect on times and people past and to look forward optimistically to the future. In such challenging economic times it is positive to be working in British Manufacturing and to be seeing growth in demand for our product. I have loved working for our Family business, long may that continue!"

Plumbs really is a very good environment to work, which is emphasised by the fact, if you take just those 25 staff who have worked over 25 years and combine their years. Together they have given to Plumbs over 700 years of service!

Not every business can say that!

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