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5 Ways to get your family into your unloved conservatory this weekend

Let the games begin

Every family will have stacks of board games that only see the light at Christmas so why not try to recreate that festive cheer this weekend?  This is a great way to keep the whole family entertained, especially if the weather isn’t looking too good.

 Family Board Games

Dining Out (well almost out)

Make use of the summer sunshine and eat overlooking the garden.  This is a nice change if your family is used to eating in the kitchen or dining room.  To make it even more effective, why not turn your conservatory into a mini ‘restaurant’ for the night with music and candles?  This is not only a lot cheaper than eating out but it will also encourage conversation and laughter at the dinner table.


Star Gazing

Make use of the windows in you conservatory and turn it into an observatory for the night!  Grab blankets and snacks and snuggle under the stars.  This can be a great way to encourage children to take an interest in science.

Star Gazing 


Conservatories are great spaces for carrying out your hobbies and crafts, as there’s lots of light and the views of the garden will hopefully inspire your creativity.  If like most families you all have different hobbies, then why not try a new hobby together such as mug painting or building a photo album of your family’s favourite holidays and memories?

Boy Painting 

Movie Night/Day

Get the popcorn ready and get comfy! A film night is a great way to bring your family closer together.  You could introduce younger children to films you watched as a child that they may have not seen yet. 


A conservatory is a great asset to have so it’s important that we remember just how useful they can be! By showing your conservatory a little love and attention, you can easily make it feel just as useful as any other room in your home. If you would like any help updating the furniture in your conservatory ready for those fun weekends, then contact Plumbs today for a free no obligation quotation on all our conservatory furniture replacement cushions & covers

Joanna Whitworth

Home Decor enthustiast and employee of Plumbs Loose Covers and Reupholstery.

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